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Fruck me this is glorious
- Charlie Browning -

I love this song so much, and this is an amazing version. The looping is so perfect and even the graphic is mesmerizing. Well done, and yes, I just subscribed to your Long Versions channel.
- Ken Holuta -

You made a beatiful job by not just looping the song but making it feel better! I subscribed!
- iMidu -

60 minute loops would be awesome!
- Gary Cooper -

Best listened to on headphones!
Why the vinyl scratches!!!!
- Joe Condron -

Moon safari is Air's best album.
- hourslookingsideways -

I bet extraterrestrials love this song and in turn became fascinated with Earth.
- jmpmo03 -

Great stuff - thanks for the upload- love this track. I'll be hopping over to the long channel...
- Arthur Dent -

OMG!! This is so cool!! Thanks for posting. 🙏💜
- A E -

I'm slow. My groove is at 75% speed.
- Mark Connely -

j aime la France.ILS ne somt pas si mal
- theo smid -

Only 26 minutes?
- K-leb -

How cool is that? I could hear that all day long!
- Robert Schumann -

I had the original on a mixtape I gave me wife when we were first going out - now 20 years together :)
- Eee Ell -

thank you...
- Vania Caetano -

I'd love to listen to this while taking a tram ride down Market Street SF.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero -

nice one ! always needed a longer version big inspiration for us here at Kerbside Collection
- KerbsideCollection -

That bass line
- LimeC -

The growth of music is lost a bit.
- Marco Zompanti -

Dig. I always get a Steve Miller vibe while listening to this.
- John Metalsmith -