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Thank you sooo much❤! Kickin it with a couple Bass Ales on this Friday the 13th fullmoon 2019 totally diggin it✌🙏
- mewsack2myears -

I miss my good old days. I miss them deeply.
- Random Composer -

Lol... well because I’m gay they want to help me get in tough with my “feminine arrangement” that couldn’t be further than what I thought first time I heard this song.... think dr. Krieger from archer or more or less dr. Venture from the venture Brothers in his laboratory inventing space age shit in a clean, mid 70s setting. We were supposed to be different once, way more advanced. The song and album art are not too off from a gold trim ceramic microchip with viewing window out of a 1980s logic machine or simple computer......
- goats on boats -

So cleverly sophisticated, calm but deep.
- Ray Watson -

I think Serge Gainsbourg had liked it!👍✌
- Apoca Lips -

Is it me or the sound quality is not great? I can hear some cracks like every 15sec more or less...
- SweetnessProd -

I;m so digging this jam it makes me visualize that Im on vacation wearing a white leisure suit no shoes floating down the colorado rriver on an old hard styrofoam wrapped alluminum pool loungechair drinking a mellon ball withput a care in the world as I float through class4 rapids!The extended part of this song takes it from killer to EPIC! thank you!
- Ryan Gaines -

- Richard Cunningham -

I love this!!!!!
- Hebrew Sistah -

This stuff is Audio Orgasmic gold dust. Total and utter pure musical ecstacy. Wow 10/10.
- Paul -

Gorgeous stuff... until those damned adverts kick in and kill my chill zone stone dead. Bastards!
- kevturbs -

Awesome. I love this tune. Bought the CD back when it came out. Now there's a quality extended version! Nice!
- Coppertrumpet -

Dang, you said "seamless", and didn't lie. Good work. Can you make one that's about 14 hours long? ;-)
- Robert Zeurunkl -

Delicious. Pressing subscribe and feeling my blood pressure drop . Thank you.
- nona nona -

this song always reminds me of the old terminal 5 at JFK....foating through the concourse or relaxing in some lounge area.
- moteq -

Never want to change my past thankfully. At my age so happy to be able to enjoy these amazing sounds that reminds me of happier times in our world
- Barry Daws -

... ?
- Yuri Oc -

This should be playing on every electronic device possible everywhere at all times. War is not the answer but this is the answer to war. Thank you my job is done here.
- Francisco Silva -

😌 Ahhh! Tão relaxante! 💜
- Anna MooN -

I am fascinated by this music!!!
- Goran Beronja -