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Stop right there
This is now an official Carlos Sainz highlight video
- random commenter here dont mind -

God that Keytar-Guitar combo made me melt.
- Zyl'Aaeria -

That's metal for Eurovision. lol
- Jiml Kosmo -

You guys deserve more subs and sales
- André Niemand -

I came here because i played guitar hero ps2 :v

Anybody same with me?
- prawira udayana -

better than the studio version
- sachkebab -

Amazing singer! a couple artists sing like him in live
- Daniel Varela de Gante -

Se protegendo do corona vírus! 0:37
Protecting yourself from the corona virus! 0:37
- Alain -

In all 2nd voice in this song in this concert sam's voice is in 2nd i think to be loudest lol😂😂
- Buena Banda -

2ND Favourite song lol
- Buena Banda -

Legend says that drummer’s legs still running even Lambo can’t catch him
- hari subangkit -

DragonForce: how to squeeze the most notes into songs ;)
- Balint Simon -

playing like running stream👍 excellent metal song
- joshua Naga -

- Fahira Jihad -

0:04 Que honda chaval
- Jonathan Roa -

You fans in the U.S. should see their club setup for this was a BLAST!!! The light show and effects just roll with the music. It's a light/color/sound extravaganza.
- noman mcshmoo -

Que es lo que usa el guitarrista japones en el dedo?
- Jonathan Roa -

Herman li "waaaaaahhhhhh"
- bang ujo -

At least one person cried tears of joy in the audience
- Raym Janjua -

Sam plays guitar while drink beer!!!!
- horcasvencer -