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i love your music i enjoy this shit of like
- buck pyles -

- shane smithquinonez -

Everyone gangsta till living dead girl starts to wake up
- Withered Toy Sonic -

Top: 7 Anime Music videos.
- Axel Tinible El Emperador del Mal 517 -


Livin dead guy.
- Don Yopp -

bride of chucky is the best of the series who agrees🤑
- Sammy Sweetheart -

Класс 👍🏾
- KRONzi -

This is my favourite song🍍
- Aino Laanti -



- Ironic.Servant -

I listened to this on repeat when I was like 9
- Drew G -

I'm not surprised that I now love horror, this was my childhood song.
- Eva Miyamoto -

My mom told me when I was 10 that she wants this to be her funeral song. Honestly that's pretty badass of her.
- AceThetics Music -

will never stop loving this song!!! hell yea robzombie! \m/
- Demonic Nihilist -

En el coro dice: "Pasale señor", o es mi imaginación?
- Victor Miguel Diaz Jimenez -

honestly I really like this song because of the really cool "what are you thinking about?" "ayyyyooooooo"
- Dr. ChickenFingers -

Rob Zombie we have a problem no longer we allowed to go pick up a store a at King Taco they rather feed you bulshit because you're not buying Mexican off the street I guess it's not enough to just be a paw consumer in California absolutely BS but what can you do acid wash and everything and they still want to make it smell like bulshit thanks for the bitching jams though and the direction I don't know I'm supposed to get on the bus and supposed to go get some past or at King Taco supposed to pass through the cemetery and go hit up Einstein this function is no longer recommended for California potheads quite infuriating
- Martin Seward Paypal -

I identify so much with this song. As a coma survivor. Aside ftom being a dude. I am "The living Dead Girl."
- Mike Holmes -

Una clara referencia a la película el gabinete del doctor caligary
- Daniel Guerrero JAIMES -

hellsing abridged anyone?
- Casual Man -