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Rush hour on the phone number for the opportunity bicycle$327.00
- Omar Ollison -

Ghost choice be Kool bitch 100👍
- Omar Ollison -

hi my names pear the frenchman please watch my videos so it can fund my heroin addiction :) please and thankyou
- Pierre Simon -

Carl & Alex carp fishing in Dale hollow brought me here, beautiful song.
- Thomas Morris -

Today August 29 2019 is my first time here
I will be back many times
I’ll comment again in 2029
See you guys next time
- Chronic Seeker -

Reminds me of Blackmill
- IAmGroot -

More and more... Cantstoplistening
- InfiniteBeing -

1.25x playback speed. You are welcome :)
- James C -

ME ;-)
- limak ikswoknats -

Its 3:00AM, and cant get off my Headfon
- αҡɦเl ɓαɳƶα૨ε -

This song good to solve a rubik's cube too
- Johnpatrick Martinez -

- Tsepkiy* -

Good. But not as good as Blackmill
- BoBu -

Just discovering
- Julio Quiroz -

When YouTube will run out of music like that my life will end, but as long as my soul is still running on stuff like that,I should be okay
- Georgii Oganisian -

Take your headphones off* error.
- Brett Dillon -

Does anyone else feel like your head is still buzzing when you your headphones off?
- Brett Dillon -

- Brett Dillon -

Missing you, Marvin Gaye.
- Ayame Kyoto -

First time i heard this song, was when i woke up to hear someone playing this
- Brian Mo -