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Beautifully Brilliant......26:08 snatched my Soul!
- Monique Falu -

Is so good man, very nice vibrations with this songs ,much respect
- Henrique Meningroni -

This is brilliant !
- Ice Berg -

Wow I've never heard them before..and I'm just loving it!!!
- jorge garcia X -


i love this work of art you gave us... #peacenblessings
- Brian Belle -

I couldn't understand how there were any dislikes on this. Then I realized when it's so good there no way everyone can like it, cause that would disrupt the space time vortex. Right.
- Fenix -

breathe 27:26 awesom
- fersaNMole -

Verduras y relax. Paz y verduras qué mi lema se extienda por las redes sociales
- anabolic Man -

o melhor do jazz
- Reis Oficial -

Ho yes.........
- i0139716 -

If 'Kind of Blue' was recorded in the 70's in a villa just outside Rome.
- red drib -

You rock, friend!
- Michel Elias Moisés -

Epic!!! You are MEGAMAN !!!
- Starikupz gmail -

Who does the talking? Love to know so I can fully listen
- Jean Béliveau -

Amazing! Thank you!
- Paul Romaine -

Whoa.... Yooooooooo... this is fire! I am so feeln this. First of all album cover is hot as hell!! I want a Tshirt like this to go with my afro Puffs!!! Never heard of Alfa Mist, stumbled upon this on Youtube... Im glad I did I am so feeling this. Real Jazz
- paMela hayes -

ppl that disliked this have absolutely zero taste in good music. amazing work.
- soukous25 -

Any place one could buy a cd of this album for less than 20 bucks?
- ThejustinEpage -

Awesome stuff.
- Mauricio Forero -