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Every piece is a piece from heaven... Thanks for sharing!
- Pelaja -

Je ne cesse de le réécouter. Un chef-d'œuvre !
- Majid Immas -

Perfect 🎶🎹❤️
- Magdiel Villa -

- Manuela Lopez -

Espero cumplir uno de mis sueños. Verlo en concierto ❤️
- Verónica -

Just amazing! 🥰
- Mihaela -

When the world has gone to shit, we still have you Ludovico, thank you.
- Andrew Hood -

Милый красивый
- okana68 -

Che emozione maestro
- Davide Marchini -

Grandísimo Ludovico!!!!!! Mucha fuerza para ITALIA!!!!
- Nacho Ballesteros -

Algum brasileiro em 2020?
- Andrêssa Leal -

I love this man and his emotions <3
- marzi eli -

So disappointed that the O2 Appollo Manchester event 14/03/20 has been postponed until further notice due to COVID 19 outbreak, Waited 2 years to get tickets to see the Lovely Ludovico,
Stay safe matey and hope to see you when this all blows over, YOUR MUSIC IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL, both me and my daughter love you xxxx
- Catherine McGarry -

This is his best concert ever.. I don't know why he isn't making this stuff anymore.. Mostly boring music nowadays
- Robin Amelio -

The melodies, the performance, the connection, its wonderful!!! Simple smooth things are the best, like his music!!!
- JASA -

12.28 -13.04 is just breath taking
- Alex Hinton -

34:31 looks like RDJ from Tropic Thunder playing violin
- Jonathan Choi -

Does anyone else find themselves tearing up or crying when listening to Ludovico's music, purely because of how beautiful it is? I swear it touches me so deeply.
- Kerry Anneka -

Dios habla mediante tu musica, es grandioso! una bendicion
- Sibil Ospina -

I love the jamming in the opening
Funky as fxxk
- Luis Lizard -