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First time i heard this song was on the magician's when they were robbing the bank.
- SlOw BuRn -

Extraño este tipo de música de Skrillex 😣
- Angel López -

If you simply type in far cry 3 and then sort by viewcount this video comes up
- Gabe Newell -

Man, Gary Oldman sure likes arresting people.
- Steve Meyer -

- Eric TBDL -

Great tune in its own right, but it lights up that level on Far Cry 3. Burning weed and shooting geezers like some mad ballet in a meth heads daydream. Beautiful, in its way.
- Patrick Lonergan -

after watching this video my life has changed
- CyberGuy977 -

reminds me to animal crosing

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Yang dari +62 ada ga ya 😁👍
- MRHVAP - -

Eşti frumuşel
- Tudor Lupşe -

End your week just like a Sunday. Peace.
- Lone Eagle -

Farcry 3 :,)
- Altair Ibn La Ahad -

The dislikes were 78k fake accounts made by the white cop.
- Jason Peterson -

The Vikings were the first ever in USA not the Vikings. Plus the vast majority of USA was once Mexico.
- Jason Peterson -

Is this the boy from the movie alpha?
- Zeus Aron Lat -

- BLUE Bass -

- łįňķ âpī -

Still fire 🔥
- ms_ravendor 16 -

Olha sou BR e ele e filho Bin lader
- Eng. Tieri -