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I find it funny how I knew this song before actually playing FC3 and randomly coming across this in the mission and I was like Oooooh this song :3
- Mawrt -

Burning weed farmers to this song is such a good time!
- Based Horse Best Horse -


Я один ищу русские коменты?
- Пинк Бандит -

Я один русский, который балдеет от скрилекса?
- Olegator -

2020 liki

It's time to burn some weed
- L.C. P.D. -

since quarantine began, i start to play Far Cry 3 again, and this song, make the mission better from others, the effect of the marijuana is great🔥
- Nut Balls -

Çingene remix
- Fix eren -

Any OG's listening to this in 2020.
- DR D3ATH -

Just try this song with a flamethrower plz..
The feel u get at that time is insane.
- Shark ! -

Can anyone confirm, that's Nathan Phillips? The now massively discredited instigator at the Covington scandal in DC?
- Richard Irving -

0:15 God Rap
0:30 Pizza
0:42 Dubstep Pro
0:49 Rude
0:53 Robot man
1:39 Dubstep Level Up
1:51 Kids lol
2:16 Red Kid
2:32 Whaat
3:01 Lobo Black
3:23 Police And kid power
3:33 OWSLA

- Ataf Bernou -

He's on Meth boi!!!
- T a d p o l e -

I can't forgive this song. It still bumps on my head.
- Mr. Aronnax -

Far cry 3 anyone?
- Potato-_-GodzYT -

Press F to pay respects to Vaas's weed.
- Sichard Rimmins -

It’s the our job the informed to inform the generations to come I had to inform my younger brother who bob Marley was the other day I felt so disappointed 😔
- No Life Sloth -

Brb... Gotta burn some fields owned by a drug lord
- kroh tg -