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I love those guys! Been to multiple Sum 41 concerts and am truly amazed how chill & friendly Dave is :) This interview is so fun to watch! I would love if the interviewer wouldn't be sitting with a huge DIN A4 paper in his lap though. It seems kind of unprofessional. Moderation cards would be a great addition in my opinion.
- Silkroadgermany2 -

Loved living in ajax and playing road hockey and it was normal for them to walk down the street... Then I moved to the dirty shwa yes life sucks lol, them and the Johnstones one of my faves
- Jordan Young -

Cohen and injun
- wesflarger -

Being real. Sum 41 helped to get over life without my father.
- Melody Conroy -

Saw Sum 41 live in Winnipeg MB Canada two nights ago. they were fucking awesome!
- Chadrick Penner -

How bout punk bands like rancid or pennywise or nofx
- Jacques Matthews -

I would love to see that with Blink 182
- Disturber93 -

Holy shit is that tmartn 😂
- Life Of Chris -

Seeing Graham go fanboy like that is the most amazing thing ever.
- Paul Romero -

even i have the tape, they used to sell em at their shows in Ontario from 98 onwards, they're not that rare....If they your price.
- mysterymanphoto -

Hell yeah the interrupters are badass!
- Jesse Garza -

God I remember when they were punk ass teenagers
- Psycho Mantis -

That speech at the end brought tears to my eyes.
- Big Bubba What -

Now I have to know what’s on that video
- Bjarku -

The end here is the most powerful thing in the world
- Bill Reines -

My whole childhood right there
- bloo jkl45 -

That ending got me right in the feels...
- AHeroAlmost -

it's like Dave hasn't aged
- Steven -

That is some shitty lighting
- Rajesh Wilson -

Suburban idiots. 🥴
- Too Wun -