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John is such a douchebag
- MrFnWhite -

Interview would have been SO much better if the stoned, Ted from san dimas wasn't stoned and behaving as as 12 year old girl backstage with justin bieber. What a joke.
- Michael Egan -

If these guys ever do a Houston show I’m there!
- Rick Lewis -

Don’t care for shredding but really like PG. such a personable guy.
- Rick Lewis -

I saw Billy at a clinic in early 2002 and he did the guitar intro to Van Halen's Mean Street on the "Wife" and it was amazing!
- jables3377 -

give me your fingers paul
- Jet Genanda -

7;43 what song ?
- Bryan Ramadhan -

The interviewer reminds me of Jim Breuer's character in the stoner comedy "Half-Baked" haha....

Paul is a darn good guitar player!
- Jasen Chambers -

His hands are like giant spiders
- Eddie Gooden -

Mr.big foot perhaps?
- TalkToTheBody -

Great far more than mr.big
- TalkToTheBody -

Yamaha is such an amazing company. They produced WW2 fighter jet propellers just because they had a great technology on wood processing. Master of woods.
- megalopolis4 -

Don't make fun of John's reactions. I would be have to go to a plastic surgeon to have my smile removed.
- Richard Binder -

Sounds Killer
- MDKArtist -

2:44 Check the door. "Ima check some stuff on stage... nope"
- NameInFlame -

Whata' awesome guy, humor & humility and shredding at the same time.
- G.Gorrell -

Host is a charming guy. Smiling and easy going, respectfully interviews everyone, never imposes his opinions. Cool guy. Keep it up. Respect.
- Bruce Halford -

29:48 man, those poor 15's...

they sure can take a lot of shit
- Félix Deschambault -

Trust trying to imagine playing PG style runs on extra light picks is super frustrating to me.
- joe pope -