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The beard?
- Michael Powell -

Playing Haggisโ€™ guitar !!!!! EPIC
- Johnny Trash -

..these dudes , especially Charlie have really earned my respect over the years ...saw um live several years ago in ATL ...the thing that stood out most was that Charlie worked his ASS off .. not ur typical singer Strummer ...he does it all on guitar ....and a really nice humble guy ....cheers BBS
- Mark C -

Is that a ps-45 pedalboard?
- d lock5 -

Charlies so good on the guitar, and I Love his voice, nice guy. :)
- animals are the best -

Love my 84 Les Paul Jr. Love Blackberry Smoke.
- MrStrack66 -

My favorite band, they're fantastic.
- Rebel with a cause -

Paul's obviously a fine player, but when you're in a band with Charlie Starr, you gonna be put in the shade a bit.
- Novak Ingood -

Hi there, does anyone know when does Charlie uses the JCM 800 and when the Germino amp? Different songs? rytthm/ solo ? Thanks alot!
- Paul Leertouwer -

Great band. Horrible interviewer.
- Rock Hard Riffs -

I love Charlie and Paul and BBS in general. The shilling for Gibson was a little much, though. Gibson is circling the drain because they have been raping their customer base for years. Sure, if you can plunk down $3-5000 for a custom shop, itโ€™ll be a great guitar. But $1700 for an off the shelf standard wonโ€™t rock your socks? Sorry, I have to find a good Asian model and spend my money on the electrics. Superior guitar for half the money.
- Sheepdog 45 -

This is one of the coolest interviews all around!! Keep an coming bro's!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿท๐Ÿท๐Ÿท
- Jerry Ramos -

Great guy and playing in a great band! Luv it!!!
- Bryon Kidder -

Didn't touch the Oranges, why?
- Rick Carroll -

I've seen them live, and they've got some type of what looks like a boom mike up on stage near their amps. It's clear plastic, points outward towards the audience, but I've was never close enough to make out a name on it. Tried Google, but couldn't describe it properly, so I've never got an answer. What is it, and what does it do?
- Wayne Harrison -

Just saw these guys at HOB Anaheim... They all sound great. Charlie plays and sings beautifully and the band is great backing him... I'll see them again as soon as i can...
- whiteyholmes -

Paul Jackson is such a great guy and an amazing guitar player!
- Val Piantore -

Man these cats are pretty cool.
- Wizzle -

Anyone know what wireless system they use for the guitars
- William -

those boys need a hair cut.
- Lost -