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This song almost went to Cyndi Lauper's camp. Can you imagine? I can't!!! Just NO!!!! 😂
- Jimmy Esposito -

Real version, fake visual. This song has nothing to do with the B-side record shown on the looped image, nor its A side.
- Tre404 -

She was pretty untouchable from 1983-2006, minus the atrocity that was American Life. This has to be one of her best 1980s tracks. The video is sublime.

Amo a Madonna
- João Silva -

Youtube, don't you ever stop a song to show one of you fucking ads for your fucking boring shows! And quit showing those stupid long boring ads on myvidster when I'm trying to watch hot white guy porn. I don't want to see some worthless black idiot or Asian nutcase screeching on those videos either!
- Richard Ashcraft -

I think this is also available on the CD called you can dance. I own it if any one is interested. Be careful buying pirated stuff from Amazon. It’s not secure.

The beginning sounds like gay it!
- Simon Veith -

- D Jelinek -

American women are trashy tarts and whores and dirty bitchs couse they wear short skirts and dresses and see throw I hate American women they have no fucking manners American women
- Sally anne Kloar -

that Rolands phat
- Mark Frew -

Best opening! Adds the suspense!
- Fernando Quinones -

Does anyone think this should be in stranger things 4?
- Melynda Cobble -

I used to have this version on the La Isla Bonita Single!! I bought that single just for this mix because I love this song so much!!!! I love Madonna!!!
- Joey Giannini -

YouTube really had the nerve... the AUDACITY... to play an ad RIGHT BEFORE THE VOCALS STARTED. 😦 I’ve never felt more disrespected
- Lucas Walker -

What a great mix 07/15/19
- Thomas Ruggiero -

Come on, Come on :D
- 80sOutrunFan -

This mix is beyond awesome
- Chris mitsos -

- Fabiano Farias -

Love this remix so much I could dance to this all day love you madonna !
- Tori Ackley -

- 鈴木喜晴 -