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Aahh Aaahh Yeahhhh
- hollywoodsfinest -

2020 Anyone
- Noyzbc V -

2020 still thumpin this thizz legend
- Riccy Retz Productions -

2020 were still here Dre
- thekyledebacker -

Making up words like shittyrunfun, shittyrunfun? Yeah is you with me? That’s when your stomach is bubbling and ya booty is dripping 🀣 ohh wee smoke it wit ya Louie step thru the door lookin real ragu’y
- turo krazee -

- Margaret Young -

I went to his funeral
- Margaret Young -

That Run DMC sample is so dope
- 2001four -

Eastside dooggey
- Angela Netzley -

There a laboratory right up above this golden bridge when I used to take the bus 80 towards Santa rosa, well this bridge is my nerves from my body if you see the light melted down movie, then you check out movie star gate when they find ra in the sand and space travel I use to have that in my eyes as a dream then when I got shot in the back yard at 111 azalea drive in east palo alto in my right eye it was bright white light and the light looked like the movie terminator 2 nuclear explosion the light came out of my right eye, first I got shot on left side of my head and my blood drip off my my head was not red it was burgundy I was sitting on the staircase up stairs it was a Sunday and I just got home from st.franis of assiss when I got shot, got up started picking up weights when the creature came out a Alvacado tree and shot me in the right eye.
- margarita sanchez -

Better then new rap bullshit πŸ’― RIP to one of the greatest rappers to ever bless a mic
- NorthernCalifornia530 -

How this only have 3.1 million views in the twelve years since this came out me and my homies must have put at least a hundred k views on this minimum
- Kristy Thomas -

I'm here from the santa Cruz video🀟🏽🀟🏽
- i_cant_kick_flip 666 -

- Mac Coughee -

κ“¨κ“³κ“·πŸ΄?β˜ οΈκ“·κ“―κ“ͺ
- muhtay0h -

- Renzo Macasocol -

SlapiN In 2019
- isreal Ascencion -

Bumpin before YouTube
- Sam Jackson -

Incroyable !!!! Ohh yeeeahhhh
- Lecoq Guillaume -

Cruzing down crenshaw in my 68 capris bumping this
- marvin barrios -