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Who here thought back in day when Offspring said "do your thing" it would now equate to saying how Offspring is the devil because of false equality ?
- TriP TriP -

I think a girl called Portia and Emma porsey know about the paedophile abuse that was going on in Ratby and Groby leicester xxx
- kate elliott -

There’s no fucking way I discovered this song again by accident 😂
- Beatle Juice -

I watch on 2019!
- Dwi Paramandita -

Back when people had a sense of humor and can poke fun at themselves 😞
- Katie Denmark -

Still bumping 🤟
- 1313DOS -

trop bon ça...bisous de FRANCE...
- Thierry templar -

- Shaun Simmons -

- Edi 17 -

- Dawn Gentry -

2020 alguien?
- dylan alv -

du pur son qui déchire !
- la cagouille en vadrouille -

Travis phevlach
- Joseph Blow -

that was music ,that's what i'm talking about ,kicking ass to today's kids (pinkos mostly )
- MrSvbb -

Man, Cena's rocking...
- Matej92 -

радио тапок сделал на вас кавер
- дима карасев -

After I shimmied out the window, over the firescape down a tree, over a log pile, dodging dog logs, I then went round the trampoline before I attacked the cat carry box. I then proceeded to gain unlawful entry to neighbours garages. Before feeling a bit sorry for myself xxx trying to crack codes on me phone xxx still made the dinner though xxx
- kate elliott -

The lead singer is now a Dr. of Molecular Biology and wrote a paper about using computer modeling to combat the HIV virus. He also developed a hot sauce you can find on amazon called Gringo Bandito.
- wsol80 -

White girls
- Nauty -

How many people got a tattoo back then that they now regret everyday 😜😁
- Rod Zam -