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I freaking love this song
- LunaPotato UwU -

RNA scientists > all
- Capitaine Albatard -

The guy at the very best sounds like he's speaking German.
- Doctor BananaManYT -

"Everything he lacks he makes up in denial" Genius!
- ana paula Cameron -

I want to cover this song..
From bali-indonesia🙏🙏
- Anang Baskara -

i love it. i could listen to it all day
- Golden Bay Boys -

te amo
- karen naranjo -

This song makes me get some girls
- Big el aka fat daddy Channel -

I wonder if young blokes realise this song is having a laugh at them , they probably dont realise how they look to everyone else
- Damien Millett -

Still better looking than beau how ???? Dunno !angles!
- Rossi Patterson -

*Peaks at comment section*

Okay the coast is clear, no Tik Tok kids
- Verba Volant -

Echo to broadband Armstrong "Pretty fly 4 a white Guy" scenario new NFL TEAM . HAHA
- Mary Brown -

Classic music pretty white guy
- Rossi Patterson -

this is pretty fly
- bOOzt Edgren -

What actual genre of music is this?
- Oakley Sierney -

Bad Ass song.
- HeySailor Reedy -

I declare...the offspring predicted latins assumed white guys had money assumption before it actually happened...its odd cuz i see it all the time in san antonio.
Oh well...thats why im an investor now.
Cuz if my money not str8 i can get a loan to overcompensate.
Atleast i know i can go to dc trump place.
Nvm its one 155am cst and social distance makes one think weird humor. XD
- Douglas Felts Keepin it real100 -

This song is my favourite childhood memory. Happy times.
- Dean John -

- Vilgot Bodenmalm Reinert -

He sounds like weird al
- Rhett Magee -