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Who else is listening to this on repeat while stuck at home during the corona quarantine/social distancing?
- TimeandMonotony -

I swear that shortly after 12:50 I hear angelic voices. And I'm an atheist. So thankful right now... Absolutely breath taking, marvelous
- Feelina Luminous -

this is brilliant!
- Keldari Station -

- Max Ostermeier -

This I like
- Fifilapoo Loves Jesus -

So yeah.... thanks for music..... dear God this is so so amazing.... as a pianist am simply jealous and in love with this guy.... this is pure and honest music...😍
- Freek-Jan van Es -

il a une créativité incroyable!!!! j'adore!
- herve ollivier -

- Psychophski -

First comment I've made on YouTube, beautifully brilliant. Wave after wave.......
- flyfrets -

There is a guy on the Waterfront in Seattle who does this better with a beat up old piano with half the keys and none of the electronics. Well, he used to be there...Anyhow, just here to give this guy a second listen. Meh.
- xzysyndrome -

Let's crowd fund a year long residency for Frahm, Yann Tiersen, Andrew Bird, and Olfafur Arnalds to spend in studio. Their collective tracks will be compiled in a record called the 4 Horsemen; aptly titled because once played the apocalypse would begin. Oh ya and there would be a secret track with Avro Part.
- David Cline -

Now currently looking at tickets to fly to Europe to see this man in the summer.
- David Cline -

That was possibly the greatest musical feat i have ever witnessed. I am in shock.
- David Cline -

This dude is going to be remembered.
- David Cline -

Wow, reminds me of Sonny's Blues

Really all of his live pieces do
- TrevorBOB -

- herve ollivier -

WOOOOOHOOOOHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, have never seen somebody treats piano in this way, awesome soundscapes, mind blowing!!!!!
- Denis Polic -

I want to honestly meet the person that could listen to this and then down vote it. What on earth could possibly possess someone to dislike this enough to press the thumbs down..?
- Shane Kennelty -

- Richard Willis -

- Jmacaa11 -