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I'm been playing double bass for a couple months now and my right pedal has really good inertie and "bouncer" really well if you know what I mean and my right foot can go pretty fast. for example if you were planning disaster price I could do the right foot part. But I can't seem to find the right settings for my left foot pedal to do the same "bounciness" for my let foot. Today I did get a little closer to my goal and I'm sort of able to play heel up with my left foot. Do you know how I could achieve the same bounciness with my left pedal?

So after 20 years of playing drums and still not being anywhere near where i want to be with double bass, my goal is to be able to play longer at higher BPM. Right now, I can't even do 130 BPM for more than 10-20 seconds! This exercise is asking me to play that speed for 10 minutes straight. I can't even do 100 BPM for 10 minutes straight for some reason. How do I build my way up to longer times so I can do these exercises?
- John Lichtenberg -

Great gym tutorial
- francesco toni -

I wish my drum machine could sound that excellent 😵 ❗
- Brad Lee Stone -

I am fairly new to double-pedal playing. I have to play a fast song by the end of the year, which have led to me feeling stressed out because I don't feel I'm capable of doing it. Your videos (especially the Speed and the Strength building ones) have really helped me a lot when I don't even know where and how to start. Thank you.😭🙏
- mqcbpp -

Those pictures on the wall are some the drumming greats in history!
- Nefarion -

All my neighbours in 1 mile radius now know that I started shaping my sloppy double bass. RIP
- Arthur Vin -

Excelentes tus videos, muchas gracias por la enseñanza! Saludos desde Chile! 🤘
- Miguel Ruiz -

Man your videos are great!! Best tutorials on double bass I ever watched :)) Thank you so much!
- timo meier -

love your videos good stuff,regards from greece man
- Dimitris dm -

awesome.....many many many thanks.... please continues with more videos.... cheers !
- Ruben Bedoya -

amazing Brother! gretting from Argentina
- eric figueroa -

hello I would like ask, in the past I don't leg weights then I have no problem on my double bass drumming then I try use leg weights because of our new fast tempo songs then after that using leg weights I'm struggling now even in mid tempo only , need some advice
- Jerry bryan Escaba -

i am asking you these questions because a friend of mine who never played double bass or drums before (actually the guitar player of my band), but does running everyday had no problem reaching speeds like 180 bpm without struggling the first time he landed his feet on my pedals while it took me years to get up to that level, which is off course a bit frustrating!
- ChuckyDozArt -

Hey Erce a little question, did it help you get the speed down faster by going to the gym ?? Or the true question is : would it be way easier and faster to improve speed by doing lots of leg machine (pushing/lifting weights), running/biking Everyday ? Do you think someone already muscular (on the legs at least) would have any problems playing fast double bass even the first time, compared to someone who never does any sport aside from drumming ?? (if we can call it a sport at some point ?)
- ChuckyDozArt -

These videos are so good. I wanted to get back into doing double bass and just literally couldn't break 130bpm. Felt real pathetic considering iv'e been playing a long time. I watched your pedal technique video and before hand I already knew I wanted to do floating technique (heel up ankle motion) as that's what I do with my right foot normally (punk drummer usually). When u demonstrated the motion without pedals I instantly got it and improved my speed instantly, because before my right leg was doing a combination of leg and ankle motion and left leg was doing just leg movement and it lead to some frankenstein helped me a lot thanks :D
- JDrummer -

I dont know why you dont get the views you deserve. Im learnin a lot, your vids are awesome!
- Nino Catacutan -

Looking forward to 5th part!!
- Anjas Fajaryan -

Se agradece mucho que los vídeos estén subtitulados, gracias por el vídeo, saludos desde Chile !
- ALE MC -

I swear dude, all your videos on these double pedal lessons are helping me push to that next level!
- Jacob W. -