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I realised that so many people from all over the world enjoy listening to this remix, no matter what they believe in, no matter of their skin color, no matter of their political affiliation :) I really enjoy this and I'm curios where you guys all come from...leave a message in the comments :) we're all connected through music ❤️✨
- Beyond Radio -

- Jacob Bowling -

We need this on an hour loop!
- Nina Singh -

All love from Saudi Arabia ❤️
- Ibrahim Mu4 -

"When you told me,you were drowning
I would not lend a hand
Ive seen your face before my friend"

Such powerfull and grief filled lyrics,said in such a calm tone,meaning the pain is still there but he learned to live with it.A thing everyone should learn to do.
- Tudor Bitchesss -

From what songs whas this beat? Not the in the air song part but the part without the lytics
- mehmyy -

Hope is in the air with this song.
Not virus.
- Reshma David -

Liking it 👍🏻
- Reshma David -

That sound is really cool! There's no way not to dance !!!! I always listen to this song in my paradise, life without it would be an exile... so thanks for that version.
- L. Claudio Alonso -

Hey!!! Sweet vid.
- Lemuel Cardow -

Té ou !!!!!! ?????? 👍👍👍👍😄😄
- Ibrahim n -

dope for my ears hello from Eataly
- Unomis Sun -

Greece here!!!

Great remix!!! Great song!!! Patras,Hellas!!!!

I love the font style ...🤗😘
- Nine Roses -

- Александр Бутенко -

Awesome Track
- Adnan Durrani -

Headphone on 🎧
Lock the world out ✌
Dance on my own ❤💃
- Sarah Doodnauth -

- Elizabeta Temelkovska -

the way they did this song on the series ROYALS season 4 was so dope...
- Muya Edu -