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'Here I am, am, am, am, raunchy like a Herman Cain"
- Buckcub Mandingo -

This is the best song i've ever heard even its the best than Billie elish
- Satryo Prayoga Putra -

la la la
- Khairul Hazwan -

The conductor's leather frock coat and the dramatic twist of the song, I loved it so much
- Liubomir Vasilev -

The great show the skorpions and orquest the filarmonic of the Berlin. Magnific it's fantastic.... wobderfull...
- Francisco Rodrigues -

Um dos maiores espetáculos da terra.
- Francisco Rodrigues -

I'm flipping out listening to this song when I commute with my Kawasaki!!! rock star!!yeaaah
- Luis del rio -

Que concerto extraordinario a sincronia desses musicos demais
- Jorge Francisco Augusto -

Hi brother. Röck me like Hurricane before i spring season!
- Lemöngrass Flöwer _flöwer of Malaya -

I played violin this song when I was 15 years old and now 2020 <3
- Watcharakorn N Sashiez -

2020. Still and will be watching.
- 대한민국자유민주주의국가 -
- jose carlos tita caldas -

It's pretty amazing how they've presented this song in many forms such as it's original classic metal form back on the Love At First Sting album, the World Wide Live version, acoustic renditions and with this symphonic metal type grandiosity. The grandiosity of the symphony with the raging fury of guitar assaults truly create something spectacular here. The Scorpions songs have truly transcended musical boundaries.
- Vinay Mulukutla -

- 임서진 -

- Itzae Vasconcelos -

Just thank you for this amazing video, since the first time I saw it I got shocked and even now, years before the fist time I saw it, I still feel the same feeling.
I just envy those present and wonder how could they still be sitting with this magnific song.
- Luiz Guilherme -

I've always wondered why, on this concert specifically, only Klaus, Rudolph and Matt were presented as official Scorpions members and not James and Ralph :o

Btw, what a great, I mean great drumming power James used to have back then, thing he started losing since 2010 sadly. And what a great body shape Matt had, looking fit AF lml
- Roldi RB -

Ngeri banget,,mantaap
- Bamz Setiyadi93 -

como que la orquesta y el rock no combinan
- Gama Rodríguez -

Who love Scorpions!!!
- Themistoklis Papasotiriou -