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Legend has it that on one damp and smokey night, a mysterious band was playing in a London pub. As it happens, some soon to be famous musicians were in the audience. The band snorted, screamed and wailed all night to the shock and delight of the motley crowd. As they appeared, so too, did they vanish and were never seen again.
- Jack Spader -

Black Sabbath and Judas priest is first!!!
- seto sama -

Listened for 5 minutes but couldn't get past the mistaken underlying assumption. Distortion and other guitar effects also affected the heavier garage rock bands, and was a major element of the heavier psychedelic groups. It's not unique to metal and so can't be a defining point for metal. I bet you didn't live through that era; I DID. We knew the difference between garage rock, psychedelia and metal and drew sharp distinctions between them as genres. Certainly the first song the general public heard that it defined as metal was "Whole lotta love" (11/69). I don't think one in a thousand rock fans even heard the early songs of Black Sabbath.
- Gerald Montagna -

I think Deep Purple were just as influential as Sabbath - maybe even more. They seem to get overlooked.
- Kenny Perschau -

It's all opinion based, sir lord baltimore, blue cheer, iron butterfly, bitter creek, bulbous creation, vanilla fudge and so on could arguably be the first "True" heavy metal band but it is all subjective.
- Eric Hinton -

Steppenwolf came for first at all
- Gian -

Genesis 1:1=
Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" - 1970
- CdLeon1971 -

Not as early as Black Sabbath, but if you're looking for more early doom metal, check out Bedemon. (they were an offshoot of Pentagram) Their first recordings were from 1973.
- ZXKW -

- Michael Black -

BLACK SABBATH were the FIRST fully formed Metal band who had all their shit in place all at once, anything else that came before or was around at the time was in the psych or proto stage, BLACK SABBATH were the complete package rolled into one & systematically destroyed hippy culture with one detuned note overnight, there would be a handful of bands that can claim to have started their own genre & BLACK SABBATH is one of the chosen few🕇🤘♛♛♛♛🤘🕇
- Michael Black -

Ride the sky
- firdwi dwifir -

Hey listen Nazareth-Steamroller 1968, it´s sounds much heavier than other same age bands together. Reminds me Ac/Dc
- estonianrocker666 -

I would say vanilla fudge in my opinion. Because it was before helter skelter
- Shaggy Rogers -

of Corse black Sabbath they are the first heavy metal band,led zeppelin is a hard rock
- iris cassinelli -

The first time the word heavy metal was used was Steppenwolf ... The first real heavy band that stayed with its jiondra was black sabbath ... That's all you need to know !!!
- Seymore Hynee -

Blacksabbath were the first to embody the fulll structure of metal as we know of today. Why complicate the shit even further, we all know its sabbath. CASE CLOSED!
- Bogart ford -

Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple kicked it off but it was Judas Priest that turned it into the stereo typical heavy metal. Iron Maiden were inspired by Wishbone Ash too.
- Humans R Ants -

Black sabbath defined the metal genre!!
- over real -

Only my two cents, Deep Purple recorded their "In Rock" Lp in 1969, published in 1970. It is sizzling in a coherent way from the beginning "Speed King" to the end "Hard lovin' Man". Let's file it under the category You like, to me is not only heavy, it's hot red liquid lead....
- littlebritain64 -

Hendrix pushed the envelope of electric guitar. Without him this story wouldn't even exist. The fact he's not mentioned is an atrocity.
- Lenny Varville Jr. -