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Jesus this song's better then drugs.
- windows vista -

6:18 really sounds like Large Pro...
- Beaned -

GOT-DAMN THIS SUM GOOD S**T!!!!! And It all stemmed from looking up a track from "The Wire" (Sharpshooters feat: Four Fifths: Analyze). Love it when I discover good s**t like this, not like I can count on discovering anything of this caliber on current radio. It's like hunting for treasure......
- Mr1980cadillac -

i play this in 5 Element ´=DD good i dont now i am not alone ´=D
- Geronimo apache -

1994! the absolute peak of hip hop music.
- DocSpratley33 -

- joselxxx -

Haven't forgot about TEFP. Not ever.
- NothingBut70s80s90s - -

2:08 fuck man, this is so true n relatable jajaja :/
- BakedFrijoles17 -

Anyone who dislike this song should go in front of a firing squad. 🤐
- El Cucuy -

The early\mid 90s rap, was angry, unrelenting, and almost villainous. New York Hip Hop that is, kinda makes u feel like it’s Gotham and all the rappers are like the villains and you’re rooting for them.
- Tendinitis -

I was born in 1999, till this day im bumping this ! 2020
- Aaron Ponce -

Only nas big L and doom heads bump to this daily
- Sean Mckenna -

absolute ill shit, dig it
- Mahīśāsaka -

- Денни В -

H.I.P à choper !!!
- Zac Izback -

- Bruce Atkins -

This is fucking sick ✌️👏
- Dr.Shock -

Ok This Song Was Made In The Nineteen Fifties Along With All The Other Discs You See Miscelainiously Spinning. "Wild Like A Savage, The World Had It Comin When My Moms Named Me Travis". Payday Aint Real BTW, 'They' Added That. Fuck The ILLU~MINATI They Add Every Gay Mascular. Fuck The World. But Thats Where The Truuth Comes From 'Hip-Hop' Orginated In The Nineteen Fifties Fifty Nine Is When This Song Was Made, I Was There. And This Is My Favorite Song. Orginated In Nineteen Fifty Nine. "Give Me Respect And Respect You Shall Get"""".
- Joshua Barela -

What is that sample,,,? Sounds familiar
- DJ B-1 Planet Funksville -

This has GRAVEDIGGAZ written all over it. this track is tight af.
- PY23 -