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bitch i’m a cow
- alternatywka -

Idc if this is a joke this part 0:46 is fire
- Melody Headburn -

this gives me a “daycare is just abunch of free meals” vibe
- Peppers Are hot -

Start from 0:00 and play it at 2 speed.
- Nadia M. -

Good music
- Gustavo Andaluz -

Me on a farm: This is as close to country music as I could get .-.
- BubbleGumPlayz -

I say that again
You fucking crazy

mee too bish tf
- Rari Chan -

Moo moo moo moo moo mooooooooooooooo
- Quexishyper -

why be aggressive flex money or stealing men when you can just be a cow thats how you win at the rap game
- Tiffany Felton -

i need an instrumental for this one
- Gon Ponieman Klionski -

Even when I go vegan again I am still gonna blast this shit.
- Jaythe90skyd -

I’n not a cat, I don’t say meow
- daniisaurushax -

i remembered when i first heard this song
- Isis Toro -

I genuinely thought I was a cow when I was two. I would crawl around mooing
- Skeptical Wolf -

I listen to this when my life is falling apart 🐄
- y/n leaks -

This song smell like berry milk
- Control Z -

Fake depressed people : *Listens to Sad Lofi songs*

Actual depressed people :
*Listens to this*
- Nida. A T -

Why tf is this actually...

- BestiesOrWhateva -

in the classroom
no one :
seriously no one :

me : moooo
- b u r b -