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Saw them in Tulsa, Oklahoma back in the early 70's. THAT was a great band.
- Just Me FL -

We never forget Byron in the best vocal of this music
- Roberto Bortolo -

When im gone
- •Lāzy Ēdïtør• -

Какое дерьмо с этим вокалистом.
- Иван Игнатьев -

Over 30 Years later, this Song is still AWESOME!
- TheNosferatu666 -

Prof. Dr. oft rock 👑
- Zeljko Smolcic -

30 de
- Rolando Guaristi -

와우 주법 미쳤다.
- Justin -

Real rocker....
- Zulcarnain Zulcarnain -

ти сим да
- Gars Garssia -

God wanted the best bass player in this World playing in his band. that's because he called Mr. Trevor Bolder
- Karlo Arce -

circa 1970-72 Uriah was the best live rock band in the world.
- Billy Callaway -

Wow. Bernie Shaw does a great job here. No one can truly replace David Byron but Shaw does a respectable job.
- Madd Dogg -

Phil Lanzon is a great keyboardist but he doesn't shine here. I love the original because of the keyboard work, so this is a disappointment to me. Don't get me wrong - it's a powerful live performance, but Mick Box rather overwhelms it.
- chris ross -

One of the best bands ever and one of the best songs in the history of hard rock.
- Rui Calado -

помнят руки
- Vladimir Benya -

David Byron R.I.P.
- metachemix -

Wow! Real music! So much power!
- gerd baur -

wha wha wha wha whawwww
- Hong Jin -

this dude might be one of the greatest rock bass players of all times
- Onur Sarıçiçek -