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please stop
- Delta -

don’t hate me but I loved this 😭
- Aesthetic Bangtan -

Cha Ching
- Henry Lehrman -

due to the voice actors this is a NO for me
- cisco 1017 -

This looks so fucking low effort.
- Kris -

In the original one there is no black wife. So fuck off!
- LeSpunPeBune MuieStangii -

Creative Bankruptcy: The Movie
- Mattchester -

Can y'all stop hating on this, jesus. I personally think it's cute and unlike most of you guys, I love the live remakes smh.
- TynaTwinx -

Aw shit, here we go again!
- boyblogtv -


okay but im waiting for the soundtrack
- iloveallgroupbutsometimesthefansareannoying -

Is no one going to talk about the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s dog is playing the tramp?!?!?!
- Charlotta Dai -

Not keen on yet another live action remake but the dogs being real dogs and rescue dogs at that is nice.
- Josh -

The amount of salt in these posts are insane. Whether it’s a new Disney movie or a remake, I’m willing to be open and give them a chance. A couple of the remakes were iffy after I watched them... but I can still watch them without biased feelings, and can form my own opinion of them from there-on. I think many of you are just too set on how the first movies were and are too obstinate about anything other than the first movie.

I can understand that y’all are upset about the “recycling” but animated movies take time in the meantime, and at least they’re still putting effort into the live remakes. It could look a whole lot worse than what you’re crying about. Your toxicity is showing, guys, and it’s not pretty.
- LostInnocenz -

I found out about this on when I was looking up something and this trailer for it made me cry so I have a feeling the whole movie is going to make me cry even more lol.
- ShinyHappyPurple -

Is it R Rated? 🐩🐕
- Rajat Basak -

Disney, you greedy fks, stop remaking great animated movies! Better come up with something new and creative, surprise your audience if you still able.
- George B. -

But the tramp was a handsome dude.
- Chintogtoh Khash-Erdene -

I'm wondering when will they start making VR remakes?
- Chintogtoh Khash-Erdene -

thet need to stop this bs stop messing with the classics and trying to basically get rid of them
- shiichan32 -