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Hollywood Sixteen Look At Daddy Cinema Two Dash Theater
Hollywood Sixteen Yes Mom Cinema Three
Hollywood Sixteen Yes Kendall Cinema One
- Northridge 8 -

❤❤❤❤❤amor de verdad....
- Rocio Capdevila -

No.. don’t 😣
- Έλενα Τζώρτζη -

Let's make a live action princess and the frog and make Tiana white
- Ella M -

Okay I don't mind the inclusion of an interracial couple there was never any focus on the human couple in the original so it's a nice Edition but not having lady and tramps puppies to justify all the trouble they go through seems wrong
- TwistedMindsTeam -

Am I literally the only one thinking this could be a good film??i mean let’s face it ,it could have been a lot worse. It seems a rather humble looking film it’s nothing too exaggerated.
- Estelove Kid -

Mixed race couple....nice PC bullshit Disney 🤦🏼?♀️🖕🏻
- MissyB 75 -

Thanks to I found out the old simease cats was racist. Thanks alot for telling me something only true racist would know (Sarcasm) Would of never thought that on my own knowledge about the original cartoon. But you opened my eyes in ways I could notice. Like how the cats in the new movie was just awful. Disney changed it because fools said it was racist . Another thing I noticed that Disney went way out there way to have the couple as bi racial. just to not draw criticism. Even pushed the envelope and had Aunt Sarah black as well. Like the,first movie wouldn't of thought anything of it.So no thanks mojo for pointing out how Disney took the high road to not look bad. Also thanks for messing up the remake for me.

Why do they keep remaking classics? They are never as good as the original. Why not write a script for a new film? One we haven't seen! The old Disney classics like this, snow White and Cinderella are more than just the story. They have the style and essence of the years that they were made in. This comes through in the music, singing, hair and costume styles and these touches contribute to what makes the film a classic. Better CGI and animation does not make it better and I think it ruins these classic movies. Please stop ruining my old Disney films! Kids will watch the new ones and not bother with the old version! If there was no new version they would have to watch the classic!
- em 8782 -

lets forget this film happened
- E.V.Gore -

nightmare fuel
- hello upboat department -

Hey Disney! Up yours!
- Skeever Hunter -

June Nine Two Thousand Seven Hollywood Sixteen Boy's Bathroom Mr Gattis July Six Two Thousand Seven Northridge Eight Girl's Bathroom Mr Gattis
- Northridge 8 -

I'm Watching Lady and the tramp right now on Disney+
- Wiltchens Cadet -

why so many dislikes, i liked the original, and happy that new audiences will watch the show, people keep saying people should just watch the original doesn't know that companies should make a movie about a movie to keep the movie license, and are you guys going to be happy if it's a far off sequel nobody asked for like blade runner or indiana jones? im happy that it's the remake so it's the original story in todays standards
- Kovu Lion -

Why am I sobbing right now
- AC C -

Who prefers the original? I like the fact they don’t speak.
- Cheryl Rego -

Dogs and a love story.
What more could a person ask for?
- Cheryl Rego -

i'm guessing the overly racist cats wont be in there lol
- deskish -

How did I not know about this live action remake until now?
- Angie Nimo -