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Simple?? What happened to good old days of Pueblo from the guitar straight into the amp and letting me amp do its job
- Clay Chandler -

Okay here is a good interview what this woman Rebecca she's wonderful not like that other Nimrod that thinks he's funny and Carries On about a bunch of stuff that doesn't really matter
- Clay Chandler -

- Rhowin Dacut -

Rebecca is so cute
- Erium -

I wonder if you dropped the mesa amps can you program a killer sound on the axe effect I would be depressed if my heads broke on stage it would be a nightmare if all 4 broke messing with electricity is dangerous ask ace frehley almost electrocuted offf ive ben zapped as a kid by a electric fence and working on guitar heads im 54 been messing with guitar stuff for 33 years john is a monster on guitar I have small hands I cant do bar chords very well or stretches grrrrrrrrr looool lynch vai joe jimmi h vman ace slash are major influences as well
- david marshall -

I think still use MT2😂😂😂
- Black Beauty -

He looks like the small Brother of Fat Joe
- whazpoppin -

Love you Rebecca muahhh 😘🇲🇾
- Komeng4 -

is john petrucci using Mesa Boogie recto style cabinet in this video ?
- Onepec91 -

So... All JP11's, no Majesty not even the 2019 Majesty?!?!
- ThatVaiGuy -

So, urmm,..
- The Kratome -

Great interview 👏👏☝️
- David Castagna -

Something hella boring about that guitar. Partially the snub nose headstock and the budget lookin bridge. The knobs make it look to smart for you to play. Reminds me of something Alan Holdsworth would play. This ain't road games.
- S҉N҉A҉K҉E҉F҉I҉N҉G҉E҉R҉ -

To bad no over view of pedals, kid of side angle
- jon schwindt -

I want to Mary her
- control Justice -

He has a cool rig and all but did you see mike’s drums in the background when they were talking pedals? It’s intimidating
- Luke Abrahamsen -

- franco molina -

Oh jadi dia yg nginjekin efek kodoknya petrucci....!?
- Raymond LTE -

shes so hot
- Fortnum Sound -

For the most part the girl is on autopilot. She seems like she has a clue but in reality she's asking questions that she's been instructed to ask. Basically she's eye candy. Proof. At 4*12 she asks how many frets it has when you could already see plain as day that it's 24.
- Von Milash -