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Thank you for posting!! Its almost impossible to find this version of the song without all the BS “clubbin” sound effects playing in the background constantly!! I was about to give up trying to find it when i clicked here!! Thanks again!!
- Kujo -

Its 2020 and this still bangs and resonates in this day and age.. LEGEND!!
- Kieran Page -

It’s a restaurant I go to in my city and they play this song non stop.
- Dinero VALENTINO -

Jammin in 2020
- Robert G -

Jan 2020 Damian rocked this so hard! One of the best songs ever!
- Ryan S. Madero -

The most ghetto arse hood track I ever hear tell.

A contemporary account of first hand hardships faced by a people left behind by modernisation.

Damian Marley smashed this track.
- Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse -

Welcome To Jamrock
Japan, Korea 🇯🇵🇰🇷
- Brandon Lee -

Cmon let’s face it a ghetto educations basic
Felt that👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
- Darrien Gentle -

I still don't know what the song is about
- Fufuboi -

Og Og Peru Vietnam China Chinano Bangladeshini Bangladesh Mecca Meccano Kappa Kappano Geneva Genevano Shangri-la Shangri-lano Codeine Codeinone Codeina Codeinano CodeXL djinn dijinn.

Hit this tunes with ma home boys,and we're just right there on December,11 2019 @@@$$$$GONG@@
- Rolsroyce Baki -

This is some serious mutha fuka right here lyrics are strong ...
- Bradley Leacock -

Rise up
- Dean Solistino -

Now this is real music !!!! I can listen to it all day
- Boss Hogg -

I love this song and many of the other songs by Damian Marley!
- Samuel Johnson -

Lovin' It
- Mani Prince -

Yes She Is Right If You Killed Someone In The Streets It Called Murder
- David Childs -

He said *funny man get droped like a bad habit*🙌🔥🔥🔥👌
- KevonM Tilghman -

He putting Jamaica on
- KevonM Tilghman -

Beautiful song, beautiful artist and a classic. You did an excellent job translating the Patois lyrics! =) I do have one piece of intriguing information, however, It's actually pretty interesting. For the longest time I though it said "Out in the streets, they call it *murder*!"

Anyway, the word is actually not murder but *murther (also spelled *merther*, *merdher*, etc.); it's pronounced to rhyme with "further". As for the meaning of this classically Jamaican (and Caribbean) word, (possibly an actual Jamaican Patois word, but that's just an educated guess), I've found several supposed definitions of the term, but the most common one I've come across is:

"Murther" - This word denotes the extreme sensations [of euphoria and inner peace, love for others, etc.] produced by [the combination of a euphoric cannabis trance combined with the act of listening to reggae and Rastafarian music, typically a feeling of inner tranquility and love for all mankind].

So basically it means the feeling you get when you toke a spliff or take a couple bong rips while kickin' it listening to reggae. Another interesting tidbit: You probably already know naturally, but Jamaican Patois--i.e., the "Jamaican accent" is not actually an accent. It's considered by the international linguistic community as an actual separate language from English, with strong influences from English (the English of the Early European colonial period--basically when it was at a point between Early Modern English and Modern English), as well as from French and of course their native languages before they were plucked from the dark continent. It's awesome! I wanna learn to speak it hehe.
- Bryan McKnight -