Richard’s training materials has been key to my success in getting the practical “know how” with FileMaker . I highly recommend using them as a beginner and as a seasoned programmer. His examples show great techniques using FileMaker product
- Sunny Sydney -

What a great tool for anyone interested in FileMaker. All skill levels will find this training series to be one of the best investments, ever. Richard gets right to the point and drives home the keys and techniques to help us all understand the software and how to avoid pitfalls. I feel like this course has provided me with information it would have taken me years to acquire. Thanks to Richard and all of his team for creating such a great learning tool.
- ACEstimate -

The course is great--and it's not a static purchase! RCC continues to add videos, sample files and personal interaction as needed. I have learned so much and highly recommend it!
- 1brudderman -

I purchased Richard's 25+ hour training video series and was immediately impressed with the depth and wide range of FileMaker it covers.  Great job Richard and keep on adding more:).
- Gregory Williams -

I'm frequently amazed how Richard always seem's to add tidbits about FileMaker which are not that well known or published.
I highly recommend the series..
- waltnorris01 -

I'm new to software development. I purchased Richard's 25 hour class (which  is now approaching 30 hours and he is not finished) and love it. RCC is responsive and generous. 
- Siamack Sioshansi -

As a developer, I'm always looking for learning resources that will address the specific needs of a developer.  I've found Richard's Filemaker training videos to be specifically targeted to the developer audience.  They are my first choice when looking for a "how to" resource.  Excellent job Richard.
- Pro-Ware Support -