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God that voice like it sent from heaven😍😍
- תום זעירא -

NPR Tiny Desk brings the greatest raw talent in the world to us. Thanks NPR Tiny desk.
- Doris G -

wooaaaa! Amazing!
- Roma Rothman -

prince is proud of her
- Greg Fan -

- Jose V. García -

She looks and sounds like an angel
- IM-M4zed -

Saw the thumbnail and thought that's a lot of passion coming out of it.
- Nadine Knows -

Anyone know the name of that guitar?
- Jonathon is ZA BEST JOESTAR! -

- Glen Butler -

Corinne Bailey Rae X Alicia Keys
- Hanung Ramadhana -

She looks like she could be a Disney princess! And that voice..... WOW!
- Salvador Vidrio -

Absolutely stunning performance ❤
- Jan & Jannike -

If I would be her pianist, I would be secretly in love with her. But I'm not, so I definitely I?
- kispalya -

DraagaanaasButterflyFF. For your butterfly girl. DraagaanaaaaSDA
- Zachary Bernard Carlton -

Give it it up for James Wyatt on piano and Frida Mariama Touray on backing vocals. Frida is delighted with her co-singer. There's a warmth in the way she smiles at her.
- Katanka Pure -

It feels so wonderful when I come to comment section all the time you guys take me to new places thankyou I really appriciate you'll
- Himalya Thakur -

omg her smile is so gorgeous and cute i wanna hug her so badly
- Stella Nicolay -

Amazing beautiful harmonies and wow.
- Liza Day -

I love your music
- Manat Manat -

Sounds like she could step right into a Post Modern Jukebox song...
- donjerue -