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- NPR Music -

Good voice
- sunny suuny -

One of the brightest spirits on the stage today. I love her. What a voice . . .
- Jed Friedland -

She brings back soul!
- Pierre Hernandez -

Rogosin is King
- Gas'n'Oil -

When she pulled out that guitar I just knew😍😍😍😍much love for this woman
- Marian Mhaka -

Can she please read audiobooks or do guided meditation!!!
- Bimon Solivar -

it what you don`t do
- Thabang Mlotshwa -

Just lost 20lbs in tears! Shes so good!!!!
- Stephanie Young -

Beautiful virgoooo
- Stephanie Young -

Woah so happy I found this 🥺 it’s a good day

she has a pretty soul voice and shes so modest, and has a nice fingerpickin style,
- fabio zanaboni -

loved it, but the ads in the middle of it felt like hurting hahaha sorry to say that :)
- Paulo Yamaçake -

Go to her YouTube page and check out her song/video "Tokyo". Such a great song and video! Tokyo is on the same "Blood" album as these first two cuts. That whole "Blood" album is amazing!!!! Rarely do I download a whole album off iTunes. I'm actually and "Old School " R&B kinda dude, so hard for me to find, and connect with new artists. But this was such a great find!!! Finding good new music is like a first kiss....excites the soul about the "possibilities" ............
- Doug Wallace -

Absolutely love this set and Unstoppable is like my praise song to The Most High! Plus YESSss Frida Touray! Your voice is like angelic life support. I see you boo!
- Steffani -

I first saw this like 4 years ago, I keep coming back though cause it's so good.
- howahya -

I love Lianna, but Frida is so quietly sexy!
- Leroy Taylor -

Lianne you finally made the Top of my crush list!😍😍💕
- Jay N -

You always take me to another dimension and universe whenever I listen to unstoppable!
- Eduardo González Nieto -

Thanks to you for existing in this Universe and for being unstoppable.
- Eduardo González Nieto -