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her voice is wooow
- adonis jesien -

Wonderful. Brings tears to my eyes every time.
- David Jackson -

we need more of Lianne! where did she go? nothing since 2015
- airrion fontenot -

best Unstoppable version <3
- Lesmayn -

Daaamn.. How cute she is?
- David Pirolina -

when you eat a new cake, the last bite with thick icing so sweet drags across the roof of the mouth
- Bruce L -

she has really good skin and hair
- Albert Evans -

I always come to these performances for the artist, only to walk away in love with the background singers and musicians. Check out Nao. Amazing.
- Shoulders29 Shoulders -

I like the empath who cry and hold me every time.
- Zachary Bernard Carlton -

I’ve been working since before the dark. I’ve been working since before the dark. Saturn in My Rearview Mirror. IV. Fourth time I’ve heard of me. Four hearts for me.
- Zachary Bernard Carlton -

No reason. To be worried. You might be intoxicated on a horse. You’ll be safe. It waited.
- Zachary Bernard Carlton -

Absolutely DELICIOUS Lianne LaHavas, a paradise bird, exquisite time here looking and listening to her ;-)
- Tyler Forest -

I wish I didn’t discover this particular Tiny Desk concert. Listening to Lianne unplugged with Frida has ruined all other music for me. After playing it over and over, all other music now sounds so bland.

Aside from the outstanding vocals by all three, Lianne’s guitar playing is a joy to listen to.
- mkg578 -

This one made me cry.
- Thiem Brandt -

What a VOICE
- Dani Weaver -

Her strumming is underestimated!!
- Lazard Diankson -

Hi liane, I am a big fan of your amazing are truly an inspiration from India....pls pls visit us soon
- dipanjan2k -

Wow why am I just now seeing this?... Just beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

That song forget Is my jam. Also is there a camp where we can just worship her? Cuz i need to do that
- Justina -

- John Roberto -