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a lot of comments on the ps intro. But it really gives me a calm, exciting, and comfortable feeling. What a time. Never really appreciated it
- stuart villar -

When I first started getting into music in middle school I made a point of organizing my music on an ipod and making sure I knew the name of every song and had listened to everything. Now as an adult I listen to mixes high as fuck, and have no fucking idea what anything is called or who it's by.
- David Ryan -

This Video is soo relaxing and has Good vibes
- CrazyBass Hero -

está de ruta el tema
- Angel Vera -

Yes i'z rollin
- Nin Lan -

That beautiful intro! Psone!
- Memo K -

why my wo r ds ha v e S P A C E S
- Mijosz Gniazdałsky -

That Trinidad James tho...💜
- buddymeemo1 -

Bro, the song at 6:59 isnt keep it trill, can you tell me what it is?
- Stafa -

Bout to spark up to this mix 🔥
- Rajiiv Isree -

is that grand tourismo???
- DDanielG -

2:15 ❤️
- Jankar S. -

This is the shit, thanks for the mixes brother
- ChocolatePheonix -

I'm going to play this video while I'm making out with my 50 year old girlfriend
- xxMR Dentxx[ASMR] -

🎶🎶🎶B!+¢h I might be, b!+¢h I might be, b!+¢h I might be, b!+¢h I might be, yeeeeeaaaahhh!🎶🎶🎶
- Singing Bling -

Best trappin in japan no question🥦🔥
- Logan Joseph -

The last one is perfect 🌞
- pierre fby -

This whole mix is a classic
- J PEZ -

Haha Nice
- Sean StAnge -

s m o k e 💨
- Édson Moraes -