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Why are you Gae?
- John Ryan Sullivan -

the song's title reminds me of Riverdale haha
- Susi Vega -

One of the greatest albums ever from start to finish.
- Timothy Collins -

- Latasha Atkins -

i think one of their x's clicked on Dislike lolz........... but ok whatevah!!!!
- breakfreak mooose -

now theres a hobby for ya
fucking a corpse
- Greg Jeckel -

haunting song! luv it!!! thanks PANDORA
- ícҽís թհօҽղíx -

great song about necrophilia
- Amelia Hope -

My question is, this is the last song on the album and the song ends with the intro to "Pit Stop" which is the first song on the album after the intro. Was she killed by him when she picked him up?
- lofibri -

real sexy for a song about necrophilia.
- fritosnlegos -

Admit it, you're not sorry to say this!! =D
- toastedbagels -

Incorrect im sorry to say. Mr. Bungle was formed a few years before Patton joined Faith no More. While The Real Thing(89) was released 2 years prior to the first Mr Bungle album(91), Bungle had released a few singles/demos before either of those albums had released.
- mike O -

first Patton albums were the old Faith No More albums.
- Knuckle Ninja Productions -

- mchugho -

well then this is absolutely amazing...
- Bastin -

- enjoyablemadness -

Not exactly the sexy song most think. If you listen to the lyrics its a reverse story of a man not getting the love he wants from her and murdering her for it. Many of pattons songs have dark overtones, from his first album with Mr. Bungle to all his latest side project.
- mike O -

- Guyface McGuyen -

Pure aural sex...
- theByrdmanpdx -

My friend came back from portland, took lsd on the plane and when I asked him about his trip all he could talk about was how much i needed to listen to this album. This was years ago and i'm still loving this album.
- p6867 -