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Here are the songs list
0:47 Bohemian rhapsody
2:54 Radio ga ga
5:36 Ay oh
6:16 Hammer to fall
9:34 Crazy little thing called love
13:09 We will rock you
14:31 we are the champions
your welcome
- multigaming m630 -

I just realize i watched a short version of the movie :'(
- Anakinjo -

Right: Freddie Mercury
Left: Marc Martel?

This gave me chills... 😪Rest in peace freddy
- Damaze264 -

Magistral !! ♥️
- dulce De limón -

why freddie sweats while ramy does not?😅
- Silent Killers -

rami malek is very talented
- Silent Killers -

PLEASE, READ THIS. I NEED SOME OPINIONS, OR EVEN A REASON WHY THIS DETAIL IS WRONG....This is all so amazing, magnificent, fabulous & simply awe-inspiring. With all the sweat, hard work, thousands of hours pouring over videos, copying actions & idiosyncrasies, lessons taken in music & voice, the great similarities in appearance of these actors, etc., etc...I do SO TECHNICALLY & TOTALLY appreciate it! But, with ALLLLL the attention down to such minute detail, & the ONE THING I just can't understand, nor get past: WHYYYY are Remi's eyes BLUE in this film? Blue! Freddie had dark brown eyes. Had they put brown contacts in Remi Malek's eyes, he'd have looked so very much more the part. He has large eyes & such a bright, lovely blue, therefore, it's just so much more noticeable. Does ANYONE else wonder about such an important part of Freddie not being accurate? After all, "the eyes are the windows to the soul." Thanks for your time reading this. Maybe someone has an answer...a good reason, like "Remi is unable to wear contacts." I'd like to know.
- Michelle Steil -

He had the greatest stage presence ever; a true artist at work
- suthobay -

Wow! Rami si so talented!
- The Nadrod -

- putri. nabilah -

Великолепно !!!
- Oleg Dovbush -

obviamente nadie le supera, y voy a seguir viendo la pelicula, que es lo unico me lleva a la epoca, grande QUEEN
- luis Rojas -

así es fácil, anda canta y vemos
- luis Rojas -

(H)e Bel(I)e(V)ed
- DirtyMaster -

morreu uma estrela e nasceu uma lenda!
- Ramon Nicolas -

Wish he was still with us today 😢😔😭😭😭😭
- cryptic toxic -

nyce try
- eldios1981 -

Should be all the show at the movie...
- Matheus Veras -

Este tipo era un genio...
- Juan Perez -