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The actor of Brian May looks more like Brian May than Brian May
- Reddestiny -

So well done!
- For Youtube -

Still think the movie sucks. Too much effort in being identical. Doesn't have a soul. It's a parody and not even a good one.
- Buzjevur -

Amo a freddie mercury soy un chico por que me encanta las canciones
- Demian Patrovits -

No se les ase lindo rogret
- Giovanni francisco Navarro lopez -

damn..... Brian May.......AND.........Brian May :/
- donna stitz -

This is so perfectly similar and whoever the casting manager was for this movie, just killed it (put a gun against it's head, pulled his trigger now it's dead)
- Tony Attia -

I am still amazed at how well Rami imitated everything Freddie did live so perfectly. Any wonder why he walked off with the Oscar?
- Scott Cayouette -

Rami is a good actor and all but rami kinda looks like a rat
- JayA -

The penis does not resemble
- Seth Parekatz -

Tu me saoule avec ton David Bowie. Ok mais ziggy... prd toi le dvd de queen comme tt le monde Albert "o".
- Elsa Bellot -

I’ve seen 2 actors from the Pacific series.
- Amigo ッ -

- Donna Rau -

- manuel rogelio alegria jr -

My hairs were standing up watching this cause even they were astonished by Freddies pure talent!
- OldSkool Gamer -

- Hannz -

Хоть убейте, но не могу я смотреть как лупоглазое существо "играет" в Великого Фреди.
- Sergii Nikiforov -

No one indonesian memes

- Blacks Qmacks -

I love queen 👨?🎤👩?🎤
- Kristina Funny -

that fcking thumbnail scared me
- dylan -