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Seems like a really nice guy.
- Steve Bailen -

And everyone thought flea and JLP were the rave....... I call BS
- Life Is Good -

I neeed a friend like this
- miguel pineda -

Best rig rundown ever.
- Eliott Hanks -

Billy is the perfect example of how charisma makes the difference with a musician. There's many great bassists, but his unique personality and charisma shows in every aspect, whether he's in an interview, playing, or even just hanging out.
- Tidwillshare -

When he was in the band that opened VH at the forum in ‘81 on the Fair warning tour. I told my date “ he’s a show off”, he was the star of the band for sure. Five years later he,s playing with Dave at the Forum? So he was auditioning in ‘81 for VH or Dave when he was opening in ‘81. He does seem like a very cool cat.
- Drop Foot -

im a drummer. i dont know anything about basses. i love drummer gear tours.

This was the best gear run down Ive ever seen.

He has a reason for everything, even the things he knows dont make complete sense and hes able to explain it.

his rig is INCREDIBLY bespoken which, in my experience, leads to a more blended and organic sound vs completely digital/non modular. the big issue of this is he solved by putting all that transforming and line conditioning into his loop and running and modest voltages even knowing the capability of his equipment.

this guy exudes solidness. combined that with the technicality and musicallity this guy doesnt have a deficient area
- Spenjira -


- shad covert -

Great infos
- The Metal Mag -

pick up sustainer ?
- Muhammad Kurniadi -

Is it me, or Bass Players have Less Ego than other members of the Band ?
- Bobby G -

He'd be awesome as an uncle.
- son vult -

Who the fuck goes to the fucking store anymore..
- douglas jardine -

Just watched video, got to love Billy,so down to earth,probably one of coolest guys in the music world, not to mention a great bass player
- Erik Ottens -

I have no idea who this guy is but he sounds so happy to explain his rig
And this was an awesome video to watch
- Preston Doring -

Who doesn't want to just have a beer with this man?
- Ass Balm -

that bass is the best one that was ever created. period....... . . . . . .... .. . .. .. . .. . . . . . .
- Scott Harrison -

7:45 - A wild Mike Portnoy appeared in the back...
- José Gabriel D'Windt -

Really classy nice guy
- Lee Barker -

" Let's put a Clean Tone "... put overdrive 😂
- Thomas Lebon -