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I came across this band today. I'm listening to a couple of songs. They aren't bad. Sadly only almost touching me more deeply. Hoping to find at least one. To me some parts of this song sound like U2, lol.
- chocolat654 -

- Age 42 -

Take time during corona quarantine to listen to some depressing ass shit and reflect. See how this is all happening for your own inner reasons.
- jamie clifton -

U don't have to understand the message... It's just a damn good song! #GoodShit #Quality #MusicTrance
- Elly Bee -

Maybe is it just me, but first time i heard this, i feel like i hear Coldplay song Don't Panic in the first 15 seconds.
- Irham Hilmy -

headphones for this song is so sick.... and every Radiohead song
Kevin Spacey, forget about your house of cards.
- Adrian Zaragoza -

the worlds house of cards ,is collapsing now ,through a virus ..its our own fault , payback thanks to the zillionaires
- jersey tattie -

good album when I was in high school now BORING
- Stiv Čarli & The Blissful Tomfooleries -

House of thom yorkes.
Where is the mind key?
Oops I Forget about my
House of thom yorke cards but
It happens...
- 마음 -

The infrastructure will collapse
- Geoff Hill -

Im just between read comments and watch the video, I found both amusing.
- Carlos Beltrán Ruiloba -

My faith in humanity has been restored-43 million views
- jonathan silver -

denial ... denial...
- sidDkid87 -

The point rendering, cinematography and song rule.
- Alvin -

why do i keep coming back here?
- Rodolfo Mendonça -

I don't want to be your friend
I just want to be your lover
No matter how it ends
No matter how it starts
- lostsoul 77 -

First time listening to this:

00:14 i love this song

4:02 yes, i love this song
- Xalifasteh -

all lifes pressure disappears,when listening in headphones. im drifting away from stress
- jersey tattie -

It's so beautiful
- Def Operator -

4605 missclick?
- Mattia Perosino -