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Rode a bike through the desert. Might write a song about it later. IDK.
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- Bruce Wiegner -

This song makes me cry everytime because on my old phone I could only download 1 or two songs and this was one of them,I was going to Mexico and this is all I heard from the airport to leaving the airport
- Dyane Ortega -

can we talk about why I relate so much?
- Ńø Ñämë -

go on x factor garentee your do well u deserve millions not thousands of folllowers :)
- L2 hazz -

i remember i got an ad for this song a few months after it came out and i loved it but never saved it and couldn't remember the song much just the video and i could never find it again and today i was rewatching the shane series and heard the song and like so many others i looked up the song and got so excited when i realized it was the song i've been faintly remembering for so long
- Ashley Amour -

omgggg this song- you are so underrated
- Gacha Piggeh -

everyone: Shane's video brings me here
me: Apple Music Chill Mix lol
- 5c3nt -

- หวัด ดั -

I love this song!!!
- Lisa Lynn -

I don’t know what’s friendship
- Ming Cheung -

My 2 year son loves this song.
- Thierry FGO -

you should've added more to your video instead just ride a bike

... like you should really do it
- Evan Ly -

you are a good song writer!!!!
- Evan Ly -

I came here from Scotty sire's concert. I got to see bruce in person and he sang wverybody dies. It was awesome
- ChickenRap 06 -

- Dagoberto Ramirez -

Happy Birthday to the IDK music video
- Danielle N -

Happy Birthday IDK music video
- Danielle N -

idk what this is but kinda a fan of it
- daisy chamorro -

- daisy chamorro -

I didn’t even realize....I’ve been humming this song for such a long time and never tried to find the song ‘cuz I thought it was just another weird song stuck in my mind and now that I actually hear ears have been blessed
- Jirah Jashmier Macalino -