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Anyone here because of Roswell? This song is way cool.
- Tamara Chaos -

In a relationship with Billy Corgan's teeth: X
- 10kSpoons -

my dad showed me this i dont like my dad but its good😼😼
- layna m -

- Phunku -

Watch the episode 'Rampage' with this song in Cold Case.
- Atakan Uslu -

Acid rock. on acid.
- Tickled Funny Bone -

Cool zic
- barflen Kyord -

sadly found this song bc of grimes. wish i knew it before lol
- weirdo -

“The Raven Effect”
- Chuck Pryde -

Tna lockdown theme song for Thailand
- Thannathon Siritho -

you never see music videos like this anymore. The lack of creativity these days smh
- DaniBird -

The Covid19 Anthem-'COVID19 JAM' ' Best Wishes and Stay Safe,Robert 'Rob' Nix
- ROBERT NIX Alternative Rock/Pop Artist -

This song is about him selling out to the “system”........for “trade desires”.......but hey got rich and what that you’re old you’re rethinking shit huh....going on Alex Jones and talking about middle America .....the middle class you grew in

You still you believe you cannot be saved?

Like you said......”Jesus was the only Son for you”

That’s your only way out
- j_rock 78 -

How it feels to chew 5 gum:
- Ross Goodman -

Fuckin true today as it will be tomorrow. Throwurheadnscream
- Bill McKenzie -

Toujours prophétique mes citrouilles et indémodable 😇😀
We are just fucking rat of this stupid society 😬😠😡😈
- rocémagik -

China's theme.
- Bored Joker -

Whale wars 🐋👌
- brandon nicholls -

This just ain’t the same whiteout loverboy
- Green Bear -

Im in the video (extra) was fun
- Sergio Sheske -