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End of the day and i needed this
- Janice Porcher -

- Charlie -

The very first song I heard from zero 7 was "destiny", and this was about 3 years ago. I had no idea they had so many good songs, pissed at myself for not digging deeper sooner... but hey better late than never right?
- Krystal Santos -

I need someone by my side to appreciate this as much as I do
- pihen Max -

The road the journey the story the legend
- Bradford Crowell -

2019 and still being discovered
- bonglord boy -

I literally crying right now, I love this music so much, tears of happines, moment of beauty in our short spark of life - consciousness.
- Robert Korthals -

Hi All! Finally Monday night is on Spotify! :) Check the special edition of Simple things !
- arsinoe841 -

very quiet progerssion very good quality
- Aviran Key -

- Franco -

Such a good song and yet it is not on spotify :(
- MrVommy -

Simple things had a couple of secrets. Spinning was on the Japanese version. I don't think this was the J version.
- oandersontech -

I don’t find this song on Spotify :(
- ascanio stefano -

Been a fan of zero 7 from day one, just discovered this track from them just now, made my day!
- XpRnz -

If rain was music it would be that guitar rhythm.
- MikeZdoesit -

haha monday is always the fall guy when things go bad
- thosegreengentlemen -

where can i get this song into my iPhone? i can't find it in iTunes
- yew nam mak -

im a fan of rock,more  old school  plus psychedelic rock,trippy stuff.not confined  to that love all sorts plus  sia,s  old stiff.this has a psychedelic jazzy type thang you can just mellow out to ,great musicians who think hard  about the composition of a song even if it may sound simple..or mix  it up to add a lot of flavour,great band!
- tallyman trash-can -

I was unaware this track existed until now. This is not on Simple Things but damn well should be, and can tell it's a hidden (specially released) track from the music. Soooo good
- Christopher Schmidt -

This is a Damn Good sounding Band!!!! Peace out..................
- hanstubb -