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This is really how it feels to chew 5 gum.
- Flying V -

You’ll have to make a new video of this, the gum chewing is unbearable😒
- eouroshopper -

Why did they not show mike dirnt's gibson g3 bass?
- ??????????????????? -

I Wonder what gum is he chewing cuz it seems that he is enjoying it
- ??????????????????? -

- ??????????????????? -

Lose the gum guy, gross.
- dave h -

Billie’s Rundown-
(Beware of vigorous gum chewing)

Jason’s Rundown-
(Overall him not not really knowing shit)

Mike’s Rundown-
- Sydney Jusino -

They need a do a Update Video on this
- Daniel Papuga -

Hot tip. Politely ask the interviewee to remove their gum before you begin the interview...😳
- M SYF -

6:24 Imagine being the guy who sold that guitar off of ebay to Billie Joe Armstrong. I'm sure that's once in a lifetime chance. Even if Billie didn't buy it himself, just seeing that guitar on stage being played by a great guitarist.
- Bab's Uvula Who? -

I sorry you guys had to listen to my Tech Chu gum he has no idea what he is doing I don’t know why I hired him
- Billie joe Armstrong -

So i have never wanted to see green day, this video has not changed that for me... this explains why they sound crap...
- madaxe79 -

Think it’s time y’all do an update rig rundown for Green Day
- Adam Rosa -

Meth. Not even once
- Dr. No -

blue still has the mud on the neck and pickguard
- Quagmire -

8:35 I’m out. I have to go get some gum c ya!
- al Tarara -

- Sir. robert rumpilumpigus pumpernickell 3rd -

Came for the rundown, left because of the gum!
- john gowans -

Must be a newbie tech. Angle pick up brings more bass or less treble to the low strings just like switching pickups that are closer to the neck.
- Laz -

Man I’d love to see one of these for Tre’s kit
- Charlie O'Steen -