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I really love the part when he says: oh my sweet lord! It’s amazing! Nicko is the man😂
- Xeper-i-Satan 666 -

So he started with Sonor, then went to premier, now back with sonor???? We all know Nicko plays a vintage Ludwig steel snare, the same one hes played for ever.
- Mike Hill -

Nice kit
- Blue Dela Cruz -

No double kick!??? 🤔
- juntao11 -

Penso que ele é um dos desenhadores dos edies ao longo da história de maiden
- Tábia Cruz -

thank you nikco for awesome music
- jhon amber -

dumbest most fucking overrated drummer and drumset of all time
- mr sir -

One of best drummers of all time !! 👊🇺🇸👊
- Fred Quimby -

qué pena que el batería este que tiene la nariz que se nota que son mucho toda la Coca Mundo
- Fertxodiablo ps4 -

Beautiful kit mate.
- Marco Oliva -

Ok, I'm just a guitarist, but I know how amazing his playing is, but dumb question.... Why isn't his ride cymbal one of the color sounds like the rest?
- Rick Burton -

He's the only guy I've seen, that puts his ride cymbal right in his face over his Tom's and still doesn't miss it. He's also, the only drummer I've seen in concert, and you never can see him. But we all know that's Nicko mcbrain the master of drums for iron maiden. And he's a born again Christian.
- troll hunter -

Wow those sound great ol im next im having a go mate
- Rob Tanghe -

Bloody Bass Drums 2:21
- Hipomasulo Drums -

How much is this drum set???
- Eric Rojasvelez -

I love Nicko. He’s so cool. This drum set is stunning.
- Chris Belanger -

I don't understand the ride position...
- Saverio Coizzi -

No words... can't say anything.
- R C -

And thank you Nicko for being GREAT!!!
- Rodrigo Pinchiari -

I love that he loves the Lord, he doesn’t hide it 🤗
- Lynn Troller -