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This was the first time I've ever felt happy for someone in a long time.
- Keali’i Soares -

Biz Enes baturuz deyənlər like atsin
- Abbas Səfərov -

Noooooo 😠😣😣😢😢😭😭😭😭
- Minecraft -

Na banana and jeeeeeee boys
- Kaya Ekiz -

Beautiful, amazing and congratulations!
- Alice with Edge -

- Mukkel -

Imagine there kids he will see the videos of Pewds in Youtube and this video that's awesome there are so cute
- Black Phantom -

Tum firangiyo ke rishte zyada nahi chalte kyuki tum log sirf sex ke bhuke hote ho tum shadi ko nibhana bhi nahi jante kyuki tumhare rishte sir or sirf sex desires ko pura karne ke liye bante hai (please translate in english)
- Amaan Ahmad -

I think you married with Minecraft
- Yoshi YT! -

- gu gu -

Congratulations PewDiePie
- Faeq Juleezam -

Who the frick disliked this
- Max Power -

Video: 4:49
Marzia: we just got married. Am I a joke to you?
- Joseph Gonzales -

And nobody told mee
- Ghost Rose -

The people who disliked this video missed the like button because they were crying.

And yes I did caption this comment so don’t come after me 😂💀
- MichiixToons Tsk -

its enough to make a grown man cry
- Ben Beach -

I’ll be back in a year to re-cry
- JWellNoFine -

Should have hired @eric.floberg to shoot the wedding. This video is good. But Eric tells the story like no other.
- Justin Arndt -

I’m a little late to comment but I’m so happy this was a day after my birthday 😭❤️
- Titan Wolf -

yes comments are 1 hr ago
- retracted -