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Chris brown should have had star role in step up movies
- Aaron Barnes -

I’m just wondering why they creasing up then shoes 😢
- Nostalgicflx -

Those shoesss 😍??? Anyonee ??
- Pokoe Music -

Original better

Damn Queen gorgeous super sexy😁
- Zack Hill -

This Song is super dope perfect mood music
- Zack Hill -

They chemistry was crazy
- Champagne Shivers -

That nigga know he can fucking dance and look so damn sexy and smooth with it ?
- Amia Johnson -

bruhhh she has no braws on!!!!!!
- cool kid -

Teaching Chris Brown how to dance is like teaching Steve Harvey how to be funny
- Keonna Badon -

teaching Chris Brown how to dance is like teaching Chester Bennington how to scream
- Piero Santana -

Teaching Chris brown to dance is like teaching Tyler Perry to do the madea impression
- Tyree Barker -

Okay I have a dirty mind idc...
When I first heard this on the radio, I thought she was saying, "and stick it insiiide".
- Ransom Ron -

115M??? Wtf lol why yall only showing my views??? 🤣🤣 this shit forever my favorite
- It's Ya Girl Shani -

modern classic, soul music
- Sailor DC -

😍😍😍💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 what a song just sexy and smooth!! When God bless me with my husband,oh Lord!!!!😍😍🥰
- Dianne Bernard -

I love your song
- Shanille Lanier -

- life with millie -

i love this song
- Morgan Whittington -

I Want Someone To Look At Me The Way He Did Her 😩
- stee official._ -