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No CNC router here!
- stewart keyes -

This is insane. What a piece of work, that one. oof
- Yours Truly -

3:19 until 16:10 is the creating process, also, if anyone knows the song at 5:58 can u reply with the name??
- Andre Harris -

I want this woody every morning
- Kohei Kashiwagi -

This is porn.
- ricky dobbs -

Workmanship is perfection, background, no foreground, music is irritating and unnecessary as the video is captivating
- Paul Garrod -

1:48 steve sometimes looks like a cross of zappa, john malcovitch and jim carrey - who just stopped by a thrift shop and picked wtv was closest.
- I M -

Apparently, my guitar teacher was on a tour with Steve in America and while Steve was in his hotel room the first woody got delivered and my instructor was the first to play it. Bit skeptical but he does have photos of him on stage with him and he has a signed jem that steve played
- I'm fat also -

why i cannot buy "the backstop" that's unfair.
- zenn2049 -

Love watching the build
- Tommy Gunn -

Die Gitarre soll atmen also soll so gut wie möglich kein lack drauf in Love Jimi the Rat
- Alexander Helms -

Nature color with oil in Love Jimi the Rat
- Alexander Helms -

Beautiful guitar. I love his freehand routing skills. The "exotic looking wood" works great.
- jimmerita -

- Javier Saul Rodriguez Montes -

Uma obra de arte!
- Vagner Filgueira -

Steve secretly bout that JDM life
- jasper426 -

No wonder the fucking things cost $2k or more. To pay someone to sit there and shave wood with an exacto knife? Um, no. Machine that shit with cnc and robots. Lol.
- Quantium -

I want to hear it

I want to be a luthier!!!!
- abrahamparish -

So good that he never touched again. Gimmick stupid guitar. I am so glad that we went back to the classic electric guitars!
- Silviu Stefan -