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- Jo Güneş Forest -

Really like how one or two of these tracks have been mastered. Good stuff
- T S -

This is sublime. Listening to this at my desk before the grind begins... building is empty, feels like time has frozen... now where's the "Repeat" button?? :)
- Imran Haq -

I believe this is what the great beyond sounds like
- cantina -

Drawing/coloring and steezyAF on da speakers ... Perfect moment !!! ...
- Åmun-RÄ 333 -

Sleep Next To Me such a beautiful song
- squadup -

16:20 great mix of my one of my favorite song of Abercrombie-Timeless,a gem
- Giacomo Timpanaro - life...thanks..thanksss..good
- luiz fernando de sousa felinto -

Forte 🔥best beat..on the beat tape... smooth as fk !!
- Livinginaworldfullofkillaz ? -

this album is great!!! i'm in my 40s and to see how far instrumental beats have gone is amazing. been listening before they called it lo-fi! keep the vibes going!
- mallymal77 -

All this shit is starting to sound the same so redundant wtf
- penguins can fly -

One question. Is that her that makes this wonderful music?
- Itz Just Some Lofi Sooo Yeah -

- Dildz -

Blunt Lit

Feels like nothing new under the sun and world is cold
- designn choice -

are there any albums this dude puts up that arent the grainy recording of a piano, some keyboard drum beat laced with old soundbites?
- Joshua Moody -

This lowkey sad
- Elzya -

- Stan Martin El -

- Stay Pitted -

Perfect for Christmas morning
- Devil_ Chan -