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Electric Girl 0:00
Be Alright 3:19
Headshot 7:49
Closer Together 10:17
Yes OK 14:20
All I Need is Music 17:52
Is This Love 21:11
Voltage 23:40
Heartbeats 26:37
- Robin Alexander -

a can't running without this music!!!!
- DeGrhaal -

5:55 definition of chilling...
- Seychar -

This album is making me kill it on rollerblades!
- Liquicitizen Ben -

shit i remember when this first came out... the quintessential soundtrack to my weeb phase. it's good to be back.
- René -

7:45 😤
- Tru Scorpio -

Someone can tell me if there os other music like thise one who joins anime (PS : groups, artists etc.)
- Dann Pentakill -

if you like this type of music this is good too
not sponsored to associated. just sharing
- YoIts LemonBoy! -

Some songs really remind me of the Japanese band CAPSULE. :)
- Pearl -

- Mlg Quickscoper -

Peni Parker Spin-off Film Soundtrack
- Mr. GonMen -

Best album to listen to on acid
- SuS PhiXioN -

wow that bassline for heartbeats is crazy. kinda jazzy
- secondintelligentWorld -

electric girl is really cool
- secondintelligentWorld -

love so much 7:49 song Fxck you up!
- Alexia _ -

Listen to this while smokin dmt
- SuS PhiXioN -

Was looking through my watch later and found this? I have absolutely zero memory of adding it to watch later but i'm glad i did. Must've been 3-4 years ago
- Wombot -

Thank yo u for uploading...

I am fan of Capsule and Perfume.
and I accidently found here and this artist very impressive , he give good music.
thank you for knowing me this artist.
- 양지호 -

¿alguien me podria decir porque no me aparece la artista cuando la busco?
- Hugo Stevens -

Does anybody know if she still makes music ? Plus how do you look her up without Google search guessing ?
- Hotfudgey Pasta -