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Thank you for this course. It's very clear and methodical. I find it very useful and helpful. And special respect for design of your studio.
- Игорь Макуха -

Typical that im good at the most awkward one heel toe
- rotten rhythms -

I don't play the drums, but here I am!
- Tom Evans -

where has this been all my life! love it!
- Matt Wilson -

Hey, I have a Ludwig double pedal, and its right pedal is fine, but the left pedal is very sluggish (hope that's the right word). I have to kick it very hard to get a sound. I think the problem is in the articulations (again a word I had to translate from Google, hope it's right). I tried to oil it but it didn't help anything. Should I just buy a better double kick like that Tama Speed Cobra? I'd appreciate any tips. Btw this is the best double bass drum tutorial series ever!

PS. Jaska Raatikainen mainittu torilla tavataan ja R.I.P. Children Of Bodom.
- Tozi K. -

Çok büyük hizmet bee... :) Seviliyorsun Erce abi
- Emre Yıldırım -

Great video, really appreciate it.
- RJ P -

I like you so much... 🙏🙏..
- Artha Subhawa -

Hey, whats the matt that you have on the bottom of your bass drums?
- Adam Orlowski -

Restless leg syndrome 🤣
- Aunty Semite -

Wish I would have found your vids a year ago. Great stuff
- Perfomance Car Maniac -

I tryhard heel up technique but my legs are tired when i raise them from the pedals and then it is all about the pain while i try to play it. What is the problem?
- JCDenton -

Here's a challenge - pretend he's not sitting on a chair, and imagine him standing up when giving the examples of just feet. You're welcome
- Steve Orchiton -

If I am getting shin splints from practicing double Bass- what am I doing wrong? which technique would you recommend using to avoid shin splints?
- Heidi Korte -

Can I have glass of Heel-Toe please. Shaken, not stirred.
- Aunty Semite -

very good video! Thank you!
- Rigel Berlingeri -

- 忠宏 -

I think u forgot to mention chris adler on heel toe technique rite???
- Rupa Shankar -

Portnoys foot technique looks like shit
- Jason Born -

Great video very full you did a very nice work
- Jano allgood -