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Çok büyük hizmet bee... :) Seviliyorsun Erce abi
- Emre Yıldırım -

Great video, really appreciate it.
- RJ P -

I like you so much... 🙏🙏..
- Artha Subhawa -

Hey, whats the matt that you have on the bottom of your bass drums?
- Adam Orlowski -

Restless leg syndrome 🤣
- Pertama Trading -

Wish I would have found your vids a year ago. Great stuff
- Perfomance Car Maniac -

I tryhard heel up technique but my legs are tired when i raise them from the pedals and then it is all about the pain while i try to play it. What is the problem?
- JCDenton -

Here's a challenge - pretend he's not sitting on a chair, and imagine him standing up when giving the examples of just feet. You're welcome
- Steve Orchiton -

If I am getting shin splints from practicing double Bass- what am I doing wrong? which technique would you recommend using to avoid shin splints?
- Heidi Korte -

Can I have glass of Heel-Toe please. Shaken, not stirred.
- Pertama Trading -

very good video! Thank you!
- Rigel Berlingeri -

- 忠宏 -

I think u forgot to mention chris adler on heel toe technique rite???
- Rupa Shankar -

Portnoys foot technique looks like shit
- Jason Born -

Great video very full you did a very nice work
- Jano allgood -

Hey erce! Thanks for the detailed information! But i have to say it is not easy to find your way with that many techniques! Which techniques do you use/recommend for which tempo? I am struggling to get just past 120 bpm and i am trying to build up speed with heel up ankle technique
- Zdifoem -

It is a great stuff! Thank you for your contribute!
- Michal kondrat.wrobel -

Very well understood helped me come a long way I don't know how to thank you👍
- Bill Shannon -

I think that Nicko Mc Brain from Iron Maiden has his own technique to play doubles with just a single pedal!!
- Stamatis Tsolelis -

Oh wow! You have a picture of Nikola Tesla!
- Fizzy Fran -