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I miss the 1990's
And when KROQ and Mtv played music.
- colt45 Peacemaker -

Des pompkins a la smosheen
- Connor McDavid -

Jimmy Chamberlein is absolutely destroying those drums in such a clean, efficient & smooth effort.
- CGH -

20 some years saw them live stood in front of D'Arcy, she was wearing a white skirt with no panties and she walked to the edge of the stage to let us take a look at her cooch, love that girl
- Joe Gonzalez -

Me smashing froggjes...
- Kevin Haddacks -

Billy sounds like a little bitch
- Malleus Deus -

The lead guitarist sound is heavy as Fuck
- Scott Farquharson -

Weee weeeeeeeee
- Drum Slayer -

le mushing muschis
- bloodbrother1000 -

I wonder what he would look like with hair 🤔
- Naomi yesitsme -

That uncle fester dude Rocks!
- Kenny Camaro -

Damn, Billy couldn’t sing a f*** false note even if he tried to...
- Idriss Bouaziz -

Your pretty, can you ply the bass? No! Ok you can join.
- liddy paul -

Billie Korgaan on et le liedeur!
- Gunter Dierickx -

C était quand même bon ça🤟
- dede63 dede63 -

JC is killing that drum set!
- Jeromy Kriege -

This version has so much more energy than the recorded version. Billy absolutely should not have taken all the guitar parts on that album and let D'Arcy and Jimmy play their parts. This happened in so many other bands as well like Boston and Tears for Fears where the leader of the band thinks that just because they're writing the songs they should also be the only ones recording it. They end up choking all the life out of the music in their quixotic attempt at "perfection"
- Jimbo 0117 -

Volume never loud enough for listening to this!
- Jonathan Simões -

- 54youcyan -

No pos, guau. Esta chilo tu cotorreo.
- Jose Zazueta -