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Rip chester bennington 1976-2017 You will be the best in my country Greece
- super gaming gigan -

This was the very first song I've ever heard from them. Since they released this one, I've been a huge mega fan.
I love and miss Chester sm. RIP my king. 🙏🙏
- ur mum lol -

Out of all of Linkin parks songs this one has and will always stick with me.
Rest in peace Chester Bennington
- Alucard 13 -

- Nevena Đorđević -

fucking gringos
- Trigger -

Rip Chester love you brother from Scotland ⚪🔵
- Andy F -

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe
- matvey matvey -

Gifted kids in secondary school:
- Ultimate Space case -

algun brasileiro<3
- Lorrana França -

100% of teens in the 2000s know this song
- Léo R. -

When almost every comment on a linkin park video is an r.i.p chester comment 😒 like seriously.....who fking cares if hes dead. I dont.
- Jayjay.Rice_Agri -

right serious question do view his suicide as a justification as listening to him tearing his heart out ?or do u remember when he was alive and angry vented his frustrations please stop!!! Chester will never die nor kurt nor Jannis not anybody wee just ;ive in the eternel dream just be happy for him he is free
- craig gilmour -

- gerardo olguin -

O bicase so rai
- Ana Laura -

schade das er Tod is,....
- Dirk Richard Lesniewski -

2:08 that scream
- Gabriel -

Naruto v Sasuke
- Starman † -

Eu tinha esse CD mas eu dei para um colegar
- Bert Divine -

- Mikael Guns -

Nostalgia fantástica 2003-2019. Alguém do Brasil vendo e disponível?🤔🇧🇷😍😚😊🤑☝👊
- Neto Mendes -