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Tantos años y sigue siendo bien chida
- ElDerkoz07 -

¿alguien de colombia?
- Andres Piedrahita -

This song will become a recognizable song because Chester disliked this song becuz he is afraid to perform this.

Also this music is not a 1 billion views, Look compare to this and a official video version now!
- Rusli1659 LP Soldier -

Long live chester
- Ziggy P -

rock teen é uma merda,kk falei.
- Tiago Muniz -

The lyrics is so amazing.. reflecting what i feel these days exactly
- Brian Kim -

Algum brasileiro?
- Jéssica lorrayne -


Ah, u still know it fam.
- Vincent Brüderl -

2013 and those naruto amv's
- Hitler's lost testicle -

i dunno how people see memes in these songs
- Hitler's lost testicle -

Le tonge?
- SR. D -

Musicão foda carregamos no peito 👍😎🇧🇷
- Sonia Ingrid -

This is Chester's song to the system, in which all you humans are apart of. You humans will never understand that this music controls the human race. Chester was talking about the struggles he endured trying to entertain this planet.
- As If Aye Mate -

- lecario -

- Kai Hodam -

- Eduardo Acuña -

Linkin park.
im a rammstein/indutrial metal/nu metal fan.
This stuff is fucking grouse!!!
- Prof. Karloss -

R.I.P Chester Bennigton
- Richard Lucas -

essa é a melhor musica do mundo
- jp pão de queijo -

- SKRT -