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where is luther on this photoshoot?
- d c -

My favorite jam on the LP - takes me right back there with Dallas.
- randyisfrank1 -

Pure ear candy 🍭!!!!! Good ole days.
- Andrea Carelli -

Only one way to play this one,,,, LOUD!!!!!! I mean insanely LOUD!!!!
- Steve Stair -

Where's Luther??
- Dammitboy 2635 -

- Maureen Lockridge -

Is that Cheryl Lynn in the middle?
- CirculateWealth -

This takes me back, when we had real musicians. Love this jam!
- Garfield Blythe -

Interesting, Nile Rodgers is in the pic, but Luther isn't there lol
- Jerry Pike -

Banging remix and anthem
- Pete Bush -

OH YES!!!!!!! Luther Bless You!
- AcucarFM3 -

Great Dance Music!! Luther was in rare form!
- Craig Stephenson -

My late wifes favourite song. She would`ve been 60 today but for the Cancer.
- bud wieser -

Rest in peaceful Paradise Mike Campbell, my favorite Road Dawg!
- William Watson -

- Les Lever -

May he rest in Peace.. Love and Light sent to All of the Members of the Band!! Great Emotion and collaboration!!
- Ptah Asar -

Meanwhile.........The Cash Me Ousside Girl from Dr. Phil is a rapper. SMH
- Steve LeVangie -

Change the brainchild of Jacques Petrus & Mauro Malavasi debuted with The Glow Of Love album in 1980 & this was the day the world at last took notice of Luther Vandross after yrs of paying his dues with the likes of David Bowie, Charme & masscara
- J Eshun -

Great songs like this will never die. Have two 12" versions of this beautiful song. I just wish we could back the great days of this real !!!! music. Never get tired of these songs.
- Alan Oszy -

super bon