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Fucking adverts
- Marcus Alexander -

I grew up with this music in the 80s truly amazing still is today love Luther so much my idol always and forever a true legend xxx rip Luther xxx love Lisa martin xx
- Lisa Martin -

played this to death omg still good as new where did the time go ?? music to stand the test of time
- Rachel Fitzmaurice -

- Omarr Koroma -

- wow dad -

MSU in the spring and summer with this jam echoing off Brody complex...playin ball and walkin or driving around hearing luther and Change. Perfect song for college towns cause we were all "searchin".
- Wandrade Vein -

Ahh Luther !!! one of the best voices of all time,love you Luther Vandross.
- Andrew Picanco -

This guy was my youth his music was my up bringing and will be with me right though the rest of my life , if am feeling a little low then I just go to my vinyl or put you tube on and enjoy
- Dionne Cairns -

Forgot about this one, haven't heard it since 1985, they never really played it on the radio either.
- W Young -

I remember Vaughn Harper play this on WBLS NYC 107.5 every single time I was going home.. like clockwork... Miss those awesome days....
- Henry C -

- KayNativeBeauty Beauty -

11:10 this voice sounds like Luther Vandross.
- Andreas Neumann -

When I revisited the song and realized that Luther was singing I was blown away the beat is intoxicating and as always a classic!
- Patricia Smith-Rice -

Yes Real Music Right Here
- Jeffery Carroll -

Grooving to this like it was the 80s in 2019
- mrsm222 -

Old well have a good day
- Harry Gagum -

Yes lam here πŸ’”πŸ˜€ just because of u and u love it r left turn on u not my fault lol πŸ˜‡ all
- Harry Gagum -

You mean to tell me no one in this pic has their pants hanging off their ass? Boy have we regressed as a people :-(
- O M -

Every Friday night the 80's, KISS in Boston played this song. On to the Lantern Lodge.
- billyblais -

Where is Luther on the Cover?
- amusicunlimited -