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I can't believe it's been damn near 40 years Change hit us with this one Searching, the tail end of Disco good old up tempo Disco. A young Mr.Luther Vandross rip I never forget that voice because it will never be unforgettable and I must say Bro.Favors I'll never forget you as well it was you back in 1980 in Korea U.S army I heard a boom box blasting going and coming to and from overnights Brother Favor East St.Louis Ill. The one and only cassette tape this Bro.had was Change and I do believe it was the best one he only had Bro.Favors I hope you're alive and kicking thanks man nothing but Love you both.
- Aladdin Smith -

One of my favorite ALL TIME groups of the 80's!!!💯💯💯
- Vote Blue 2020 -

A fantastic floor filler - this is what London danced to in 1980. This sound coming over from the states influenced everyone from Adam and the Ants to Massive Attack and even Queen. Happy days!
- Bonny Trippler -

- Noemi Blanco -

The record that really brought Luther out of the shadows, a massive chart & club hit in the UK
- Moutton Noir -

In 1980 Change released "The Glow of Love", their first record and a real top album. Every track is a gem and Luther Vandross' voice made this piece of vinyl for a real rocket. At every corner in New York you heard in the summer of 1980 the sounds of Change or S.O.. Band. This summer was a really hot one and these sounds were the soundtrack!
- jazzsoulfan -

When I play this music at work they will tell me things like I'm showing my age...I simply tell them I take that as a compliment because my era did great friggin dancing music with memories galore!!!!
- Cafe Con Anita -

Has this 13 minute version ever been released officially anywhere?
- AlphaMarwil -

- Christian Neveu -

Classic song forever.
- Brady Morgan -

so this where billy ocean ript it from lol
- DJ Ned Roy -

R.I.P. my man luther vandross
- Miss. BB -

So was Luther in this band? I have a CD of his with this song on it but never seen it by "Change"
- Mid West Brutality -

Yeah 2019 ,l listen to this song everyday before I go to work !
- Nicole Williams -

- Patricia Smith-Rice -

This is my jam!!!
- Leftyone1978 -

now this is my version
- Michelle Savarese -

Wardrobe by Sears. Photography by Sears Photo Studio.
- Chris McGraw -

Grow up on 70's and 80s music. They don't want that kinda soulful music being made today.
- Peter Hudgens -

- Marcus Reeves -