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Incredible how a talented drummer can inspire people to play, congratulations to the band. And you Mr. Logan, are amazing. Good job.
- Yeats -

You better thank god someone like Fletcher wasn't there because u weren't playing at his tempo :/
- Detective X. -

- Nick Arhangelos -

Jazz drummers are ELITE
- lazerfanger gaming -

So this is real. okay
- OG Kush -

Wow they mare Caravan into a real thing!
- Lukas Williamson -

Trombone wasn't good honestly. Love the rest tho
- Caesar -

Its a song with rhytmics simple but nice cover

That's not my fucking tempo!!! (Just jocking, well played bro...)
- Chulopelo 5 -

how do they keep the lid on this! Everyone flipping tables! :D love it
- Espen Rathe -

What amazed me was the that he made it look so easy
- Sam Duff -

Wow... awesome¬°!!!!!
- Carlos Jorquera -

I was greatly enjoying the drum solo and didn't mind the bass addition. That is, 'till the overbearing sax team came in and it all came to a quick halt. Logan man, love your drumstick work - please put up some SOLO drum clips. Cheers.
- Slakass55 -

- ahmad faiz -

This is absolutely one of the best drum covers I've heard. Thank you very much!
- Pragmatic Puppy -

dude... I was gawp smiling throughout the whole thing, gave me chills.. BRAVO!
- Daniel Harwood -

Now THAT'S what a drum kit is supposed to sound like! Excellent tuning.
Well played guys!
- Old Man from Scene Twenty Four -

6:35 Not quite my tempo!
- bach984 -

perfect musicians ,,,,,,, great.... Congratulations....
- Hdrums B -

THIS IS AMAZING! Must have taken an extremely long time to master.
- rishimazza -