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Why do most average people not understand jazz? It is the pinnacle hovering over all pop music. It's where math and philosophy intertwine. These young men! Amazing! You did your art proud!
- John Jay -

The drummer was dead on

Terence Fletcher wants to know your location
- Marion Cartell -

Brutally amazing, 10/10.... Kudos drummer bro, from a latin percussionist from Honduras.
- Juan Valenzuela -

- Miguel Sandoval -

Whiplash is one of my favorite movies, so glad I randomly decided to find the drum cover and found this gem. Amazing work for all the players!
- ms. klutz -

Bunu da beğenir net.
- Muzaffer TURGUT -

This is insanely good
- rena Wilson -

- Tyler Yong -

Hugs from spanish bassist
- Victor Gaydeliebana Perez -

Ladies and gentleman, Buddy Rich!
- Octavio HG -

Where’s the blood and sweat? 😂😂
- Drummerboy Jerry -

4:41 And now. The moment youve all been waiting for...
- YaBoi Ethan -

caravan with me 53 years! thank you
- Александр Назаренко -

Это же из Ну погоди!!!!
- Иван Иванов -

Someone did the Impossible.
- Beto Reis -

Humans are odd creatures to me...forever growing and adopting and defying their own ancestors....
- Caige Johnson -

Fletcher love this.
- Una cuenta mas en youtube -

I love it, nice
- Aodhan O'Donnell -

- Josefo Dias -